Unlock the blessings of Amla Navami 2023
Unlock the blessings of Amla Navami 2023

Haridwar, Kashi  : Amla Navami, also known as Akshaya Navami, heralds the celebration of prosperity and spiritual abundance. This auspicious day falls during the Kartik month, extending for an entire month, embracing five weeks of spiritual significance. Every Thursday during this period marks the worship of Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, a fruit revered for its divine properties.

Embracing the Rituals

The devout followers prepare for this occasion by meticulously cleaning their homes, adorning the chambers with artistic designs crafted from clay made from the soil of a mouse’s burrow. Prior to the arrival of each Thursday, households engage in these preparatory rituals to sanctify the space.

The Legend of Generosity

An ancient tale recounts the story of an elderly woman residing in a village, blessed with a bountiful Amla tree in her humble abode. She generously shared the fruit from this tree with everyone, never hesitating to contribute to the act of giving. Her benevolent nature earned her admiration among the villagers, yet her daughters-in-law, unable to fathom her selflessness, often teased her.

One fateful day, compelled by circumstances, the daughters-in-law ousted her from the house. Unfazed by this adversity, the elderly woman continued her devotion, crafting small balls from the Amla fruit and devoutly participating in her worship. Touched by her unwavering faith, Lord Vishnu manifested before her, expressing immense delight in her devotion.

Blessed by the divine, her humble dwelling transformed into a magnificent palace adorned with riches beyond measure. Her piety and devotion had won the heart of the divine, bringing prosperity to her life.

Rituals for Amla Navami

The observance of Amla Navami encompasses a structured series of rituals aimed at invoking blessings and prosperity. The day starts with bathing and adorning oneself in clean attire. The Amla tree is worshiped with traditional offerings like sandalwood paste, vermillion, ghee lamps, and an array of fruits and flowers. The customary gesture of touching the tree’s trunk with filled hands symbolizes reverence.

The Culmination of the Rituals

The pinnacle of the ceremony involves circumambulating the Amla tree, chanting mantras a specified number of times while wrapping a sacred thread around it. The conclusion culminates with a communal meal prepared under the canopy of the tree, considered immensely auspicious.

Timings for Amla Navami 2023

Amla Navami in 2023 falls on Tuesday, November 21st, with its auspicious hours starting from 06:48 AM and extending until 12:07 PM, totaling 5 hours and 19 minutes. The celebration continues until November 22nd at 01:09 AM.


Amla Navami encapsulates the essence of generosity, devotion, and prosperity. By following the prescribed rituals with utmost dedication, individuals invite blessings, peace, and prosperity into their lives. This celebration stands as a testament to the power of faith and selfless giving, unlocking the doors to abundance and spiritual fulfillment.


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