Amit shah praises PM Modi, Criticizes congress at sahakar se samriddhi program


Ahmedabad : In a powerful address at the Sahakar Se Samriddhi program held in Gujarat on the occasion of International Cooperative Day, Home and Cooperative Minister Amit Shah praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary approach towards the cooperative sector. His speech was not only a tribute to the advancements made under the current administration but also a pointed critique of the Congress party’s historical neglect of the cooperative ministry.

Formation of a Separate Cooperative Ministry: A Vision Realized

Amit Shah began his speech by highlighting the long-standing demand for the formation of a separate cooperative ministry, a need that had been overlooked by the Congress for many years. He emphasized that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who understood the critical importance of a dedicated cooperative department and took the bold step to establish it. Shah called upon the audience to applaud the Prime Minister for this significant achievement, underscoring Modi’s commitment to empowering the cooperative sector.

Positive Changes Brought by the Ministry of Cooperation

Since its inception, the Ministry of Cooperation has worked tirelessly with the resolve of ‘Sahkar se Samriddhi’ (Prosperity through Cooperation). Shah detailed how the ministry has ushered in positive changes in the lives of millions of cooperative members across the country. With more than 54 initiatives, the ministry has not only modernized the cooperative sector by integrating advanced technology but has also made it an essential partner in the mainstream economy.

Acknowledging Gujarat’s Role in Agricultural Advancements

Shah took the opportunity to praise Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Bhupendrabhai Patel, for his progressive decisions regarding agricultural innovations. One of the key initiatives highlighted was the 50 percent subsidy on nano urea and nano DAP. This subsidy is a significant step towards reducing the dependency on granular urea, as liquid nano urea and liquid nano DAP have proven to enhance crop health and productivity efficiently.

Encouraging Farmers to Adopt Nano Urea and Nano DAP

Shah appealed directly to the farmers, urging them to embrace the use of nano urea for their crops. He assured them that after applying nano urea, there would be no need for granular urea, thereby simplifying their farming practices and improving yields. The government’s reduction in the prices of these advanced fertilizers further supports this transition, making it economically viable for farmers to adopt these new technologies.

The Impact of the Drone Didi Yojana

Another innovative initiative lauded by Shah was the Drone Didi Yojana launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This program encourages the training of women in using drones to spray fertilizers, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to both gender empowerment and technological advancement in agriculture. Shah urged attendees to train their women in these skills, highlighting the dual benefits of improved agricultural efficiency and women’s empowerment.

Gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Throughout his speech, Amit Shah expressed deep gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his relentless efforts in revitalizing the cooperative sector. He acknowledged Modi’s vision and leadership in establishing the Ministry of Cooperation, which has breathed new life into the cooperative system in India. Shah’s words resonated with the audience, many of whom are directly benefiting from these transformative initiatives.

Technological Advancements in the Cooperative Sector

The integration of technology in the cooperative sector has been a game-changer. Shah emphasized that the ministry has made the cooperative system ultramodern by leveraging technological advancements. These changes have not only increased efficiency but also made the sector more resilient and competitive. The adoption of technologies such as liquid nano urea and the use of drones for spraying fertilizers are prime examples of how technology is driving progress in this field.

A Call to Action

Amit Shah concluded his address with a call to action, urging everyone to continue supporting the transformative initiatives brought forward by the Ministry of Cooperation. He highlighted the importance of collective effort in achieving prosperity through cooperation and expressed optimism about the future of the cooperative sector under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shah’s address at the Sahakar Se Samriddhi program was a powerful endorsement of the current administration’s efforts to revitalize the cooperative sector. It was also a clear message to the Congress about the importance of responsive and forward-thinking governance. The progress made in the cooperative sector under Modi’s leadership is a testament to the government’s commitment to empowering communities and driving economic growth through innovative solutions.


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