America will give $95 billion military aid package to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

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Washington : The After several months of waiting, the Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan aid package was approved in the Upper House-Senate of the US Parliament. On Tuesday, 79 MLAs in the US Upper House voted in favor of this bill, while 18 were against it. It is noteworthy that last week this bill was passed in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Parliament. Then Republican leaders suddenly changed their stance and supported $95 billion of mostly military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Let us tell you that the Senate had converted four bills into one package.

The largest share in these packages, amounting to $61 billion, will be provided to Ukraine. Apart from this, $26 billion has been earmarked for humanitarian aid for Israel and civilians in conflict zones around the world and the third part of $8.12 billion has been earmarked for countering Communist China. The fourth bill was added to the House last week. This includes a ban on Chinese-controlled social media app TikTok, measures to transfer seized Russian assets to Ukraine and new sanctions on Iran.

US President Joe Biden had promised that as soon as it is passed in the House, he will sign it and turn it into law. Two officials said the Biden administration is already preparing a $1 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

US Democratic and Republican leaders said they have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin and other foreign adversaries that the US will continue to support Ukraine. It was reported that the aid package to Ukraine could be approved by the time elections are held in November. Let us tell you that this relief package was presented by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson. Under this, apart from Ukraine and Israel, there is a proposal to send aid to the Indo-Pacific region also.


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