America wants to make maritime security agreement with its allies Japan and Philippines

A US diplomat has criticized China’s increasingly aggressive maritime activities, calling it a threat to the security of the resource-rich Indo-Pacific waterway. It is worth noting that the US wants to make a maritime security agreement with its allies Japan and the Philippines, so this statement is important.

US Deputy Chief of Mission Raymond Greeney said Beijing’s disregard for international law and aggressive actions were aimed at increasing its control in the region. Addressing reporters ahead of a meeting between officials of the three countries, Greene said, particularly aggressive maritime activities of the People’s Republic of China (China) are threatening the security of our waterways. He said that no country can dominate the Indo-Pacific waters through the use of force and direct threats.

We are not shying away from criticizing Beijing’s provocations. He said China’s actions include militarization of the East and South China Seas, harassing foreign fishermen’s boats and other boats, damaging marine resources and the environment. China ranks second in terms of spending on military and military, while America is in the first place.

China has been continuously modernizing its military for the past few years, although it maintains that the goal of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) is security-defense and the protection of its sovereign rights. Neighboring Japan sees China as a threat to regional security and is concerned about rising tensions around Taiwan. Significantly, China considers Taiwan as its part. PLC/GT


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