America made a big plan with G7 countries to shock Vladimir Putin on the economic front

The US has made a big plan with the G7 countries to give a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the economic front. The US has said that we will put a stop to Putin’s arbitrariness by quickly implementing the decision to impose price limits on Russian oil announced by the G7 countries.

White House press secretary Karen Jean said setting a price cap on Russia’s oil is a powerful tool that will reduce global energy prices and benefit consumers globally. At the same time, earlier the Finance Ministers of the G7 met on the same issue and said that our decision will put pressure on the revenue of Russia, which is carrying out the brutal war in Ukraine.

In fact, America believes that some countries including India have increased the purchase of oil from Russia and in view of this, it wants to limit the prices of oil coming from Russia. While this decision will increase the burden on Russia’s revenue, it will benefit consumers globally. PLC/GT


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