America again comes to Israel’s rescue – US approved new military aid for Israel

joe biden
joe biden

Washington : The Many countries of the world are engulfed in war. While the Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for more than two years, Hamas and Israel have been fighting for the last six months. Meanwhile, war also seemed to be breaking out between Iran and Israel. However, now the possibility of war has reduced. The reason for this is that its best friend America has come to the rescue of Israel. US lawmakers have approved new military aid for Israel. The US House of Representatives, the lower house of Representatives, decided to help Israel strengthen its security, including the Iron Dome air defense system. Therefore, it has approved $13 billion in new military aid for Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the military aid. He said at This will lead to the loss of lives of thousands of innocent people in the bank.

It is being told that Iran has taken some steps back to take revenge from Israel. It has reduced drone and missile attacks. The move eases fears that escalating attacks between the arch enemies could escalate into a war in the Middle East. However, five blasts recently hit Iran-backed military targets in Iraq. Due to this there was tension in the area. At the same time, Israel is continuously attacking in Gaza. This has intensified the conflict in the West Bank.


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