Monday, May 25th, 2020

Ambitious Plan to modernise higher education system

INVC,, Shimla,, Himachal Pradesh would come up with an ambitious plan to modernize its higher education system. This was stated by Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister, in his address he delivered on Revitalization of Higher Education to Meet Knowledge Challenges of 21st Century to the faculty of Dr. Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry at Nauni in district Solan after he dedicated International Hostel, constructed at a cost of Rs. 1.72 crore, to the students of the University, today. Chief Minister said that the aim of the State Government was to excel in governance and reach out at grass root level so that the poorest of the poor, including SC/ST/OBC were benefitted. He said that the Government had planned expansion of medical, engineering and other higher education infrastructure through greater impetus to Public Private Partnership. He said that 18 percent of the students of the State were opting for higher education which was the highest in the country and efforts were afoot to increase the same upto 50 percent in coming years. He said that the Government was working for generating of opportunities through collaboration between industry, universities and research institutes. He underlined the need for evolving research priorities in emerging areas of development like value addition, food processing, organic farming, carbon trading, environment, technology, eco-friendly insect pest and disease management strategies etc. . He said that the enhanced use of e-governance in implementation of all plants would help bring transparency and farmer centric delivery of services while vocational training and skill development in different enterprises with increased support to initiatives in technology development needed to get priority. Prof. Dhumal said that recent technological and educational modules developed on the basis of scientific understanding should made sensitive towards mountain needs and its underlying characteristics by paying specific attention towards the women of hilly areas. He said that to address environmental issues critical for ensuring sustainability of the land use activity in the country further needed strengthening the forestry education in the country. He said that a knowledge network for the hill institutions was needed for sharing of information on different aspects of mountain development. He expressed need for multi-disciplinary options to inter-disciplinary approach. He said that the spectacular growth of knowledge in science and technology during recent years had made possible to address complex problems from the perspectives of different disciplines. Chief Minister stressed the need to develop a core set of value and vision, effective communication creating a positive climate and ability to share responsibility and authority with others. He said that people needed to realize that social changes and transformation could be brought about by them only and not through technology alone which too was a product of human endeavour. He said that human resource development, at all levels needed to be given priority and made a part of the overall



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