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The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today asked Punjab Congress president Capt Amarinder to stop living in a fool’s paradise and day dreaming about power which had become out of his reach with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi refusing to name him as the party’s chief ministerial candidate.
Stating that this was an insult which must have been hard to digest for a former “maharaja”, the SAD said it understood Capt Amarinder’s disturbed state of mind after this humiliation. “However he must try to maintain control over his mental faculties and not give in to hallucinatory spells which probably prompted him to say the akalis will disintegrate before the 2007 elections”, SAD general secretary Dr Daljit Singh Cheema disclosed in a statement here.
“It is time you hung up your boots”, Dr Daljit Cheema said adding a Captain who did not have the confidence of his high command could never even go into battle what to talk of winning the 2017 assembly election. He said it was pitiable that this was the second consecutive insult heaped upon Capt Amarinder recently. “Earlier the high command refused to nominate the persons recommended by him, including singer Hans Raj Hans, to the Rajya Sabha”.
Stating this was not all, Dr Cheema said the “Captain” did not have any troops to take into battle and was recently seen trying to woo people over coffee, an alien drink in Punjab. But he said the recent setbacks suffered by Amarinder were the result of his own actions. “A person who likes to surround himself with sycophants and believes in a darbari culture is bound to repel the common man”, he said adding this was the reason why the entire Congress cadre had deserted him relegating him to a status of a Captain without any troops at his command”.
The akali leader said the state of affairs of the Congress party was there for all to see. He said the recent mass exodus of senior leaders including Jagmeet Brar and Bir Devinder Singh was an indication of which way the wind is blowing. “Earlier senior leaders have left the Congress and even stood for election under the SAD symbol and won the same seats. The word disintegration fits you and not us”, the SAD leader said adding 2017 would herald the end of the Congress in Punjab.


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