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Monday, January 18th, 2021

Akshay Kumar launches GOQii Vital ECG


GOQii, the smart-tech-enabled preventive healthcare platform, launches Vital ECG with Bollywood superstar and India's biggest fitness icon, Akshay Kumar. Vital ECG has been designed to track your heart health with just a tap of your fingertip.

GOQii Vital ECG will provide ECG reports powered by Tricog Health, a platform that instantly and accurately interprets ECG readings with advanced technology and medical expertise.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 17.7 million people lost their life due to cardiovascular disease in 2015, making it the number one killer. In India, around 1.5-3 million deaths happen due to heart attacks every year. The high rate of mortality caused by heart attacks is mainly because the symptoms are often ignored or misunderstood. The likelihood of surviving a heart attack is over 80% if action is taken within the first 2 hours. However, the average time between symptoms and treatment in India is over 6 hours.

Most people only check their ECG once they have suffered a cardiac episode, even though it is a quick and inexpensive test. The reason being most primary care clinics are not equipped with ECG machines owing to their high cost and complex nature. Secondly, a lot of primary care doctors do not receive sufficient training in ECG interpretation.

Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii said, "We at GOQii are fostering a preventive health ecosystem. Our aim is to focus on real-time & easy ECG diagnosis on your fingertip coupled with lifestyle coaching advice. We are interpreting GOQii Vital EGG data along with state-of-the-art deep learning-based Arrhythmia detection algorithm by Tricog Health. This is a big step towards the reduction in India's mortality rate due to heart disorders and is in support of PM Modi’s Vision of #FitIndia"

The launch of GOQii Vital ECG wrist wearable that can record a one lead ECG, off the user's wrist will make diagnosis readily available to the masses. Also, users can book an online consult with a cardiac specialist at a nominal fee. The consultant can help analyze the ECG report along with the lifestyle data, to recommend changes. Once ECG report is available on GOQii health locker, the users have an option at a nominal fee to consult a qualified expert.  

The newly launched band also has a feature to detect serious heart conditions like Atrial Fibrillation. This has been made possible due to Tricog Health's deep learning-based Arrhythmia detection algorithm - DeepRhythm™. It will provide GOQii's users with accurate interpretation of their single-lead ECG. DeepRhythm is Tricog's proprietary algorithm* (FDA pending) that has been developed with over three years of research, using 30 million traces of ECG recording to detect several forms of Arrhythmias. The GOQii Vital ECG is only a screening device and not a medical-grade device.

Dr. Vanita Arora, Director and Head Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab & Arrhythmia Services Max Saket said, “The GOQii Vital ECG band will help diagnose symptoms of arrhythmia that are transitory in nature, thus aiding in quick analysis and interpretation as the symptoms exist only for a brief period. The patient can understand that the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat is irregular in a period of 30 seconds, and can take immediate action to prevent any fatalities.”

"Cardiac diseases is the number 1 killer in India, due to the lack of awareness and availability of necessary medical infrastructure," said Dr. Charit Bhograj, Chief Cardiologist and CEO at Tricog. "The collaboration with GOQii will bring in a new generation of heart monitoring on people's wrists. Undetected Arrhythmias can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions like strokes, that can be prevented with the use of technology and medicine," he added.



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