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Delhi elections have been a focus of minorities as the population of  Muslims, Sikhs and Christians mainly became a vital factor for  winnability. Though Punjabis and Sikhs constitute 30 percent of the vote bank but actual Sikh population is just 5% of the total population which has always been a decisive factor. Referring to a report published in an english daily the Sehajdhari Sikh Party’s National Secretary General Dr.Balwant Dhaliwal said that the BJP was harping on the Akali Dal’s claim for fetching 30% of Sikhs and Punjabi voters which is contradictory as a fact 80 percent of these voters are the Sehajdhari Sikhs. The SAD befooled the BJP stating as if  they have a direct control on all the Sikhs of Delhi.
He said that according to the Govt. census 2014 the total population of NCR Delhi was 17,838,842 and 5% of this are the Sikhs which comes out to be 9 lakh approximately and further interesting fact about the Sikh minority is that 80% of this Sikh population are the Sehajdhari Sikhs Sikh which comes out to be 7.5 lakh approximately. It’s a matter of record that there were only 4 lakh 10 thousand Sikh voters enrolled during the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Elections by the Gurdwara Election Commission. Majority of them were the females who were non baptized with shorn hairs. Majority of the Sikh voters were the Sehajdhari Sikhs who played a deciding role in the Delhi elections he added.
Dr.Dhaliwal said that Sehajdhari Sikhs had been supporting the AAP in Punjab and Delhi previously . Sehajdhari Sikhs have been favouring Jan lokpal and were supporters of  Anna Hazzare.  It’s a fact that whom so ever the Sehajdhari Sikhs had supported in the past have been benefited. In 2004 Lok Sabha elections they supported Manmohan Singh being a  Sehajdhari Sikh and in 2007 they supported SAD Badal, in 2009 again supported Manmohan Singh , in 2011 the SGPC and SAD opposed them in Gurdwara elections and hence they supported INC. Last year during Lok Sabha Elections the Sehajdharis supported AAP in Punjab which got its four MPs though it could not even open an account elsewhere in the country. Now in 2014 in Haryana the Hooda Govt. ignored the Sehajdharis in the newly formed HSGMC and hence the Sehajdharis supported the BJP which gained power. Now again the Aam Admi party was supported by the Sehajdharis in Delhi.


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