Airtel Launches Exclusive Plans for the World’s Biggest T20 Cricket Tournament

Airtel T20 cricket plans
Airtel T20 cricket plans

India’s leading telecom service provider, Bharti Airtel (Airtel), has unveiled an array of special packs tailored to enhance the viewing experience for the world’s biggest T20 cricket tournament. Understanding the fervor and passion cricket ignites in millions of fans, Airtel is committed to providing a seamless, uninterrupted match viewing experience. As part of this initiative, Airtel is offering a three-month subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, the official streaming partner of the tournament in India, to its prepaid, postpaid, international roaming, home broadband, and Airtel Digital TV users.

Comprehensive Prepaid Plans

Airtel’s prepaid plans are meticulously designed to cater to the needs of cricket enthusiasts. Starting at just Rs 499, these plans not only provide high-speed data but also offer extensive streaming benefits.

Rs 499 Plan

  • Data: 3GB per day for 28 days
  • Disney+ Hotstar: Three-month subscription
  • Additional Benefits: Access to over 20 OTT platforms on Airtel Xstream Play

Rs 839 Plan

  • Data: 2GB per day for 84 days
  • Disney+ Hotstar: Three-month subscription
  • Additional Benefits: Access to OTT content on Airtel Xstream Play

Rs 3359 Annual Plan

  • Data: 2.5GB per day for one year
  • Disney+ Hotstar: One-year subscription
  • Additional Benefits: Full access to the Xstream app’s OTT platform

Exclusive Postpaid Plans

Airtel’s postpaid plans are crafted to offer unmatched benefits, ensuring cricket fans do not miss a moment of the action.

Key Features of Postpaid Plans

  • Data: Unlimited 5G data
  • Disney+ Hotstar: One-year subscription
  • OTT Access: Over 20 platforms on the Xstream app
  • Family Add-Ons: Enhanced benefits for family members

High-Speed Home Broadband Plans

For domestic customers, Airtel offers various home broadband plans to ensure high-speed internet and uninterrupted streaming.

Entertainment Plan

  • Price: Rs 999
  • Benefits: Unlimited Disney+ Hotstar subscription

Professional Plan

  • Price: Rs 1498
  • Benefits: Access to Disney+ Hotstar and other premium services

Infinity Plan

  • Price: Rs 3999
  • Benefits: Comprehensive entertainment package with Disney+ Hotstar and other perks

Simplified International Roaming Packs

For fans traveling internationally to catch live matches, Airtel has introduced simplified international roaming packs, which include in-flight connectivity.

Key Features

  • Cost: Rs 133 per day
  • Benefits: Live match streaming, affordable international roaming, in-flight connectivity

Enhanced Viewing Experience on Airtel Digital TV

Cricket enthusiasts can now enjoy the first 4K service in India on Airtel Digital TV, delivering an immersive and breathtaking viewing experience for the T20 cricket season.

4K Service Benefits

  • Ultra-High Definition: Unmatched clarity and detail
  • Immersive Experience: Enhanced viewing with 4K technology

Why Choose Airtel for the T20 Cricket Tournament?

Airtel’s new plans are strategically designed to cater to the diverse needs of cricket fans, ensuring that every user, regardless of their plan type, enjoys a premium viewing experience.

Seamless Streaming

  • High-Speed Data: Consistent high-speed data across all plans ensures smooth streaming without interruptions.
  • Wide Coverage: Extensive network coverage allows fans to stream matches from anywhere.

Exclusive Access

  • Disney+ Hotstar Subscription: Exclusive access to the official streaming partner guarantees live coverage of all matches.
  • OTT Platforms: Over 20 OTT platforms available through Airtel Xstream provide a rich library of additional content.


  • Competitive Pricing: Airtel offers a range of plans to suit different budgets without compromising on benefits.
  • Cost-Effective International Roaming: Affordable international roaming packs ensure fans can stay connected and stream live matches even while traveling.

Advanced Technology

  • 4K Viewing: Airtel Digital TV’s 4K service provides an unparalleled viewing experience with ultra-high-definition clarity.
  • In-Flight Connectivity: Airtel’s international roaming packs include in-flight connectivity, allowing fans to watch matches live while on the move.

Customer Support and Service

Airtel’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond providing high-quality services. Their dedicated customer support ensures any issues are resolved promptly, enhancing the overall user experience.

24/7 Support

  • Helpline: Round-the-clock customer service helpline to assist with any queries or issues.
  • Online Support: Comprehensive online resources and chat support for quick resolutions.

Airtel’s launch of specialized plans for the world’s biggest T20 cricket tournament underscores their dedication to delivering top-notch services and an unparalleled viewing experience. Whether through high-speed data, exclusive access to Disney+ Hotstar, or the innovative 4K viewing on Airtel Digital TV, Airtel ensures that cricket fans enjoy every moment of the tournament with utmost convenience and clarity. With competitive pricing and extensive benefits across prepaid, postpaid, home broadband, and international roaming plans, Airtel stands out as the ultimate choice for cricket enthusiasts this season.


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