Air India Halts Flights to Tel Aviv Amid Escalating Tensions Between Israel and Iran

Air India
Air India

Mumbai  :  In view of the increasing tension between Israel and Iran, Indian airline company Air India has stopped all its flights to Tel Aviv till April 30. Air India has given information about this decision in a post. Air India said in its post that in view of the situation in the Middle East, we have suspended flights to and from Tel Aviv till 30 April 2024. We are keeping an eye on the situation. We are providing assistance to our passengers who have already booked flights to and from Tel Aviv. The company said that the safety of customers and crew is our top priority.

Earlier, the Ministry of External Affairs had also issued travel advisory for Iran and Israel. The Ministry of External Affairs has advised Indians not to travel to Iran and Israel until further notice. The Ministry of External Affairs has also requested all Indians who are currently living in Iran and Israel. The ministry has said that Indians living in these countries should immediately contact the embassy and get themselves registered. The ministry has requested that they be careful about their safety and share their activities with a limited number of people. Apart from this, India has currently postponed the decision to send its workers to Israel. There was a plan to send six thousand construction workers to Israel in April-May.


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