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Friday, September 25th, 2020

AIMTC is an apex body of Transporters serving the industry from last 75 years

INVC,, Chandigarh,,

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) is an apex body of Transporters - (both Cargo and Passenger) serving the industry from last 75 years. It is an umbrella body of covering over 2500 Taluka, Distt., State level Federations & Transport Associations. This is a totally non-political, non-religious and non-profitable organization committed to work for the development of road transport and for the welfare of the people associated with this industry. More than 10 crore people are directly and indirectly involved in the Transport Industry. The recent uprising of the Farmers Community under the aegis of Bhartiya Kisan Union to demand Toll Free movement in the country is a welcome step. Toll charges are nothing but the loot of Public Money with the support of Govt. The charges are so high and the roads are not maintained properly, other public amenities are not provided for relief of commuters at majority of the Toll Roads. All India Motor Transport Congress, which is the apex body of truckers, transporters, and bus and tourist taxi operators of India has been a vocal proponent of this ongoing loot by the private Toll roads builders and Toll plazas operators in collusion with the government. The government has frequently changed Toll policy to provide excessive benefits to the private companies. The vulnerable road users be it truckers, farmers and others are direct victims of this loot. The transport fraternity too feels alienated and cheated by the Government. The policies of the government are designed purely to bleed revenue from this sector and in no way facilitate its growth and development. These companies are earning multiple times more than the investments. Hard earned money is directly or indirectly is being fleeced from poor truckers by way of Multiple taxes, leave alone rampant corruption on the roads. The transport industry has provided the Exchequer with CESS on diesel & petrol since 1996, Road Tax, Toll Tax and National Permit Fees, Entry Fees, Special Tax for one single purpose i.e., Road Development apart from grants from World Bank, Asian Development Bank and hefty penalties imposed on the road users. The Govt. should tell the people of India how it has been utilized? The govt. is providing special privilege to private road builders and contractors who continue to collect the heavy toll charges even after their investment on building is fully recovered. Toll Roads – A scam if properly probed will put to shame all other scams put together. Tolls are regressive tax. The current Toll policy lacks transparency, accountability and affordability. A recent study report conducted by TCI & IIM-C was released by Dr. C. P. Joshi, Hon’ble Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Government of India regarding exorbitant loss to Indian Economy due to delays at Toll Plazas and Check Posts, which is pegged at Rs. 87,000 crores annually. The ever increasing Toll charges are pinching the transport community and the common man very dearly and All India Motor Transport Congress has been highlighting the anomalies in the system time and again. It has also gone on nationwide agitation in 2010 on the same issue which has been highlighted by honourable Supreme Court, media and local people where their patience has crossed the threshold limits. Our Road Transport Industry is being suffocated by tolls with no end in sight. The National Highway Act 1956 has been suitably amended umpteen times to facilitate alternative funding sources for development of National Highways. AIMTC has time and again proposed alternative method of Toll collection is Toll Permit on the lines of National Permit for commercial vehicle which constitute 70% of Highway traffic carrying freight and passengers providing vital support system to Indian Economy. We are ready to pay one time Toll annually, an amount higher than what is collected at present. Even if all other road users are allowed Toll free movement on the Highways, still the Govt. will get more revenue than at present. It will help in seamless transportation and result in huge savings of precious diesel and time. It will avoid unnecessary delays / wastage of precious fuel.

Free Movement across the country is itself a constitutional right of every citizen of India. Moreover, the roads or highways of India are national property belonging to the PEOPLE OF INDIA but unfortunately pledged to unscrupulous builders and contractors who continue to collect the heavy toll charges even after their investment on building is fully recovered, which amounts to open ‘loot’ from the unwary road users. Road Transport Sector has always stood in service to the people of India, but the autocracy in the Government is throttling this sector. We extend full support to the initiative of the Bhartiya Kisan Union in their endeavour to remove Toll across the country. Farmers and Transporters are a formidable force and we join hands together and ask the authorities to mend their ways and bring transparency and accountability with respect to Toll policy while taking the larger public interest into consideration. The citizens’ patience has been tested enough and now it is time for cessation of subjugation, oppression and denial by your Government. Scams and inflation are proof enough depicting how the Indians are living a life of nightmares imposed by an insensitive regime. ALL INDIA MOTOR TRANSPORT CONGRESS, REPRESENTING APPROXIMATELY 70 LACS TRUCKERS AND 40 LACS BUS, TOURIST TAXI & MAXI CAB OPERATORS, PLEDGES ITS SUPPORT TO BHARTIYA KISAN UNION FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR THEIR PATH BREAKING INITIATIVE AND WISH THEM SUCCESS IN THEIR NOBLE ENDEAVOUR. We request our friends from media to kindly ponder and take up TOLL SCAM as one of their agenda item that is one of biggest peril of road users of India.



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