Sandhyakal has been considered very important in Hindu Sanatan Dharma. Sandhikal means the period before sunrise and after sunset.
Similarly, there are 8 time sandhikals in a day. Before the Sun goes to Uttarayan and also before coming to Dakshinayan. Similarly, sandhikal takes place before the moon sets and also after it sets. Before the end of the year and also before its beginning, there is sandhikal. Know which 10 things to do after sunset will bring happiness, peace and prosperity.
1. Worship the Gods and Goddesses: After some time after sunset, perform aarti of Gods and Gods or worship them by worshiping them.

2. Light the lamp: Light the lamp in front of the place of worship and the Tulsi plant.

3. Remain silent: Remain silent in this period until the day sets.

4. Worship Dehri: Worship Dehri of the house during this period.

5. Bring something: If you are returning home after sandhikal i.e. after sunset, then definitely buy something for the children or for the house.

6. Leave the bed: If you are sleeping in the afternoon, get up leaving the bed at sunset and wash your hands and face and greet your presiding deity.

7. Salute the Sun God: If the sunset is seen from your home or if you see redness in the sky or dusk after sunset, then salute him.

8. Salute the ancestors too: If there is a picture of the ancestors in your house, then salute them too.

9. Listen to hymns: During this period, listen to the hymns of your God in your home. Put hymns on mobile or tape recorder.

10. Spread light and fragrance: After some time after sunset, put on the lights of the house and join hands and then spread the fragrance of incense sticks or incense sticks in the house. PLC/GT


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