After its success in nepal, binod chaudhary’s cg corp global focuses on indian market



New Delhi,

Dr Binod Chaudhary Chairman of CG Corp Global was in Gurugram to inaugurate the National Executive of International Vaish Federation.  His bestseller autobiography’s hindi version called “Ek Unchi Udaan” was released in the presence of prominent vaish leaders Mr Ashok Agarwal (President IVF), Mr T.G Venktesh (MP Rajyasabha), Mr NandGopal Gupta (Cabinet Minister UP Govt) Mr Varun Chaudhary (President Youth IVF) and other many other industry leaders.

Mr Chaudhary addressed the audience and thanks to organizers for bringing all the vaish leaders from every corner of country and making such a vibrant event. He further added that he is proud Nepali and India is the second home to him and now they have business setup all across nation and its incredible that the central and all the state governments are so helpful that it’s more of red  carpet era for entrepreneurs as well as for investors. Dosen’t matter whether they are bringing multimillion dollar investment or a small unit this is the change in the Indian governance whole world has witnessed in past 4 years.

Commenting on entering the Indian market Mr. Binod Chaudhary,  said, “We have already struck the chord on a positive note as we have recently launched Wai Wai City, India’s first QSR noodle bar.Also in UP investors Summit, CG Corp Global has Signed a 200 crore Expression of Interest. And we have also launched state of art Food Park in Roopangarh, Jaipur. Furthermore our expansion in India should not be only looked as at from the business lens alone but also as fostering Indo-Nepal ties. Holding the position of MP in Nepal it is my duty and honour to facilitate smooth Indo- Nepal Relations”.

CG Corp Global, a multi-dimensional conglomerate with a portfolio of complementary business comprising over 80 businesses spread over 5 continents and 30 countries is upbeat about expanding its wings in India.

With presence in US, Africa, Dubai, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kazakhastan, Serbia, Thailand, China and India, CGCorp Global is creating a strong global footprint under the vibrant leadership of Dr. Binod Chaudhary’s leadership. A man of many hats, Mr. Binod Chaudhary is the first Nepali entrepreneur to be listed as a dollar billionaire by Forbes since 2013. Under his business acumen, Chaudhary Group boasts of being the biggest conglomerate of Nepal—with 156 companies, 86 brands & over 10,000 employees across the world.

Mr. Binod Chaudhary is a global player in FMCG and is the brain behind Wai Wai, the iconic brand from CG, which has earned him the sobriquet Noodle King and has more than 27% market share in indja and 2% shares of the world’s noodles market. In fact, they have newly launched Wai Wai City, India’s first QSR noodle bar concept and first noodle start up with a target of 1500 outlets across the world by 2022.

Moreover, his recently launched his autobiography in Hindi ‘Ek Unchi Udaan” ,which talks about his inspiring success story as one of Asia’s biggest businessmen and the man behind WaiWai noodles (Wai Wai has sold more than two billion packets in India alone!).


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