Advanced keyhole procedure saves Delhi woman’s shoulder joints


New Delhi,  

A 42-year-old female from Delhi was successfully treated with a keyhole procedure at Fortis Hospital (FMRI), Gurugram by undergoing arthroscopic joint preservation shoulder surgery. Suffering from chronic pain in her right shoulder with difficulties in lifting it for over a year, she was advised for a joint replacement surgery at various other hospitals.

Having a large tendon tear in her shoulder caused consistent and debilitating pain, which she thought would live with for rest of her life. Since the traditional joint replacement surgeries involved long incisions and the original joint is replaced with a metal implant, she was not convinced and visited Fortis Hospital Gurugram for a second opinion.

“There has always been a dilemma among the young and middle-aged patients for joint replacement surgeries, which are usually avoidable in this age. With recent advancements in the arthroscopic surgical technique, minimally invasive reconstruction surgeries can ensure joint preservation in such patients. Though early intervention of tear in shoulder tendons can be managed by physiotherapy or standard surgical repair, but delay in diagnosis may leave any patient with joint replacement surgery as the last resort, which is mostly preferable among the geriatric population.” said Dr Praveen Tittal, Senior Consultant, Orthopedics, Arthroscopy and Sports Injury, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram.

Arthroscopic Superior Capsular reconstruction (SCR), being a very common procedure in USA and Japan, only a few hospitals in India perform this surgery. Being a keyhole procedure, it does not require as many sutures as in case of a traditional shoulder surgery. The procedure involves removal of graft from the patient’s thigh which is sutured inside the shoulder on top of the joint and the remaining tendons are sutured back to the arm bone.

“Most of doctors I consulted, suggested me to undergo shoulder Joint replacement surgery, which I was not convinced about, so I kept delaying the surgery. I am glad that the one-year wait has paid off the right treatment module and my shoulder joint is preserved. The procedure and subsequent follow-ups have been almost pain free and I am very positive and confident about using my right shoulder again.” Said the patient.

Such procedures have a quicker recovery, lesser hospital stay with minimal pain. It is a good option in younger and middle-aged patients to restore function and decrease pain. The worldwide studies with this procedure have demonstrated overall good patient satisfaction with increase in range of motion, decrease in pain and increase in strength of shoulder, as seen in this case.

“We are a team of highly qualified professionals and taking care of all fields in Orthopedics. Our team is fully equipped and trained in all advanced procedures for joint preservation. At Fortis Gurugram our endeavor is to offer best of services with expert clinical assistance and latest state-of-the-art technology.” Added Dr Subhash Jangid, Director & Unit Head, Fortis Bone & Joint Institute, FMRI.


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