New Delhi, 

Identifying trends and quickly responding to market changes, has helped Perfect Relations, India’s leading #digitalcommunications services and solutions agency, win a slew of interesting  mandates in the growing EdTech space. These include Edukemy, Meritnation, SkillPro & STEPapp among others in recent times.

“Edukemy is India’s first EdTech company in the non-STEM segment that has developed an evaluation model based on AI and cutting-edge technology. Our priority is to scale the learning experience for every individual by offering an insightful and enriching environment for students with a focus on live classes, handwritten notes, and an interactive platform. The aim is build the foundation for all students who will become the meritorious assets for our country. We are confident that Perfect Relations’ effective approach which is influential, trusted and meaningful will take the brand to newer heights,” said Mr Chandrahas Panigrahi, CEO and Co-Founder, Edukemy.

The education and learning space has witnessed an accelerated transition from traditional to app based and digital learning in last six months, driven largely by the disruption caused by COVID. Skipping several evolutionary cycles, the time for stakeholders to adopt has been short-circuited. Interactive learning, greater emphasis on tools that enable visual delivery and digital learning have become mainstream. #Publicrelations therefore plays a critical role in moving the awareness and adoption needles in this fast growing sector which as per various studies is expected to reach US$ 1.7 billion from the current US$ 73 million, a 120% #growth in FY 2020.

Mr. Praveen Tyagi, Founder & CEO, STEPapp said , “ Advanced and new technologies in the EdTech world has brought an exceptional era of learning. Although, I have always felt that mere technology cannot provide the quality in education but skills and knowledgeable content can add up to establish something unique. Our team of 400+ IITians and Doctors have brilliantly created the concepts in STEPapp, which when combined with the gamification technology, offers more than just online learning. My team and I have always focused in providing a level-playing field in education that bridges the gap between the rural and urban schooling system. We are building the foundation for the mass of students who will become the meritorious assets for our country.”

Commenting on the wins Mr. Dilip Cherian, Founder  – Perfect Relations said, “Agility is most important in any business and Perfect Relations has always been evolutionary in its approach. Disruption in India during Covid hit the education landscape hard & pushed us to think and act effectively with those winning despite the difficulties. We helped them to be focused on the end consumer and also on innovative communications.

Our inhouse predictive analytics tool helped Perfect Relations to adapt and respond to client needs with alacrity resulting in the quick wins, we’re announcing in the Edtech sector. We have the ability to work with brands in a variety of ways with offerings across platforms. As a team our concentrated focus is on the highest standards of innovation and quality.”

Communication will play a key role in enhancing awareness for adoption of #elearning amongst parents, teachers and students.

The Covid ‘Special Forces’ of Perfect Relations was formed early on this year in March 2020 to include both experts with sectoral knowledge of industries that would use Covid to grow faster and the ability to manage various aspects of these client’s lifecycle. They were then equipped to leverage digital tools to respond successfully to the fast changing market needs in these sectors. The team now has significant capacities to manage these client groups by engaging new business and communication and technology tools & techniques.


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