Adipurush Latest Controversy
Adipurush Latest Controversy

Mumbai : In response to public protests, the dialogues in the film “Adipurush” will be changed. The movie, starring Prabhas, Kriti Menon, and Saif Ali Khan, has faced significant backlash from the audience since its release. Dialogues like “Jalegi teri baap ki” (Your father will burn) attributed to Lord Shriram’s beloved Hanuman ji have offended people’s sentiments.

Director Om Raut has already faced criticism for the portrayal of characters such as Lankesh, Raghav, and Janaki. Now, the film’s writer, Manoj Muntashir, is facing public backlash due to his controversial dialogues. Despite his attempts to justify his writing with absurd arguments, people’s anger has not subsided. Manoj has now expressed his willingness to alter the dialogues in consideration of people’s sentiments. He shared this information through Twitter.

Manoj wrote on Twitter, “The first lesson one can learn from Ramkatha is to respect every emotion. Right or wrong, time changes, feelings remain.”

He stated, “I wrote more than 4000 lines of dialogue in Adipurush, and some sentiments were hurt by just five lines. Among those hundreds of lines that glorified Lord Ram and described Maa Sita’s chastity, there were also praises that I didn’t receive. My own brothers wrote indecent words for me on social media.

These are the same people for whom I have recited poems on television, honoring their respected mothers, and addressing my own mother with respect. I kept wondering how my own brothers suddenly became so bitter that they forgot the example set by Lord Ram, who considered every mother as his own.”


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