Adipurush Latest Controversy
Adipurush Latest Controversy

Mumbai / New Delhi: Film Adipurush is a film that was released on Friday and stars Prabhas and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. However, the film did not meet the expectations of the fans, and some of its dialogues have received negative feedback, leading to trolling of the film’s makers. Sunil Lahiri, known for his portrayal of Laxman in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayana” TV series, has criticized these dialogues, calling them shameful.

The film got negative reviews

Adipurush film is based on Ramayana. There were a lot of expectations from this film but after the release it did not live up to it. The film has received a lot of negative reviews. Screen shots of the film’s dialogues have gone viral on Twitter. There are many such dialogues in the film on which the audience has expressed anger. Sunil Lahiri, who plays Laxman in ‘Ramayana’ directed by Ramanand sagar, has given his reaction.

Spoken dialogue of hanuman

Sunil shared a poster on which many dialogues of the film have been written. In these, Hanuman’s spoken dialogue ‘Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka, jalegi bhi teri baap ki‘ is written. Apart from this, Ravan also has dialogues. Sunil Lahiri said that such language is shameful. He wrote in the caption, ‘It is said that the film has been made keeping in mind the Adipurush Ramayana. If this is true then the use of such language is very shameful. Users agreeing with Sunil said that Bollywood and these people have made fun of religion and faith.

The dialogue writer of the film Manoj Muntashir had to give clarification. He said that such dialogues have been kept so that the audience can understand easily.

The film is based on the epic Ramayana, and many people had high expectations for it. However, it has received negative reviews since its release. Screenshots of the film’s dialogues have gone viral on Twitter, and audiences have expressed their anger over  the dialogues.


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