actresses got cheated in love
actresses got cheated in love

Know why these actresses got cheated in love

Many small screen actresses first fell in love and then tied the knot with their partner for seven births. After marriage, everything was happy-happy in their married life for some time, but then for some reason or the other, bitterness started coming in the relationship of some couples. The extent has come when many TV actresses got cheated after marriage and extra marital affairs of husbands destroyed their married life.

Bigg Boss‘ fame Rakhi Sawant is in discussion these days for accusing her husband Adil Khan of extra-marital affair. Rakhi is not the only one who has accused her husbands of extramarital affairs. Even before this, many actresses accused husbands of extra-marital. Let us tell you which actresses have been cheated by their husbands till now.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is in headlines for accusing her husband Adil Khan Durrani of extra marital affair. Rakhi Sawant lodged a complaint at the police station accusing Adil of assault and extra-marital affair. Rakhi said that Adil is having an affair with Nivedita Chandel. Presently Adil is in jail.

Charu Asopa

Famous TV actress Charu Asopa has separated from her husband Rajeev Sen. Charu made several allegations against her husband along with extra-marital affair. According to the actress, whenever Rajeev used to fight with her, he would suddenly disappear or go to Delhi, where he was having an affair with someone.

Nisha Rawal

Actress Nisha Rawal, who was seen on the small screen and the big screen, had filed a case against her husband Karan Mehra in the police station in the year 2021. The actress first accused him of assault, but then later held a press conference and told the media that Karan was having an extra-marital affair with her co-star.

Rashmi Desai

Renowned TV actress Rashmi Desai had fallen in love with her co-star Nandish Singh Sandhu and married him, but their marriage ended in divorce after four years. In fact, Rashmi had accused her husband Nandish of having an extra-marital affair. It is said that due to this both of them got separated.

Barkha Bisht

TV actresses Barkha Bisht and Indranil Sengupta are living their lives separately. Trouble is going on in their marriage. It is said that Barkha decided to separate from Indranil because of his extra-marital affair with a Bengali actress. PLC/GT


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