Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston no longer has any sleep problems. He told that she was suffering from insomnia for many years. But with the help of a professional, he no longer had this problem. He said, it had become a huge problem, the disease affected my life a lot.

The actress finally sought help from the doctor. Not only this, she also got involved in a new campaign related to insomnia. Under this campaign, awareness is made about the problems related to sleep. The actress admitted that earlier she did not take her sleep problem seriously, which is why she refused medical treatment. However, over the years, he realized that the problem should be taken seriously.

Jennifer took all measures that could help her sleep at night. The actress said that she takes out time to do yoga and keeps her distance from the phone at night. There she was so worried about her illness, that she was afraid that even tonight her night would be cut off by counting the stars. Each time she tried to sleep, but her eyes would repeatedly look at the clock and wonder how much time had passed.

The ‘We Are The Millers’ actress also used to sleepwalk. Thankfully, it has stopped, he said. Now as if the body is saying, don’t go out. Turn off the alarm again and rest. Aniston reported that her insomnia began when she was about 30 years old. PLC &GT


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