Actress Bhavika Sharma
Actress Bhavika Sharma

I absolutely love being in the police uniform says actress Bhavika Sharma from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir 


Actress Bhavika Sharma is admired for her role as the bold and resilient constable Santosh Sharma, adding to the entertainment and drama at the Mahila Police Thana of Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir. While we’ve seen her donning the police uniform with pride and respect Bhavika is a total diva off screen and absolutely slays every outfit she wears. Her colourful social media handle is testimony to the flair and class she always personifies.

In a candid chat the actress recently shared her fashion mantra saying “I believe one should always be comfortable in their own skin, that is my biggest fashion funda. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, because good fashion always exudes confidence.”

Talking about following any fashion icon that she is inspired by Bhavika shared “I do not follow any fashion icon as I do not wish to imitate anyone’s fashion style. I choose whatever I want to wear depending on the occasion. I am in a phase where I am loving the whole vibe of experimenting with colours. I love my life colourful and my clothes should radiate the same.”

Additionally talking about her cop avatar in Maddam Sir Bhavika shared “I absolutely love the fact that I play a cop on Maddam Sir. The pride of wearing a uniform onscreen is absolutely inexplicable. None of us treat it as a costume, the khakee is always treated with utmost love and respect on the set. I love the fact that we do not have to deal with rigmarole of new looks every episode, its just us and our beloved uniforms everyday!”


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