ACP Vikram Rathod Arrested, who blackmailed the elderly by fraudulently showing nude videos, arrested

Nude video Gang
Nude video Gang

New Delhi :  Shahdara cyber station police has arrested ACP Vikram Rathore, who was blackmailing the elderly by fraudulently showing a nude video and recording its screen. Police claim that he used to extort money by threatening to make the screen recording viral and arrest him. DCP (Shahdara) Rohit Meena said that the accused Rizwan (22), involved in the case of cheating the victim of Rs 12.80 lakh, is from Deeg district of Rajasthan. 7 phones and five SIM cards have been recovered from the gang.

In the District Cyber Police Station, on 18 August 2023, T. Aggarwal received a WhatsApp video call from a nude girl, who took her screen shot with her. After some time, calls came from two other numbers, who were claiming to be from cyber crimes. They started demanding money, otherwise they threatened to make the video viral and arrest them. Then showed the photo of the girl hanging from the noose and claimed to have committed suicide. A police warrant was also sent to the complainant on WhatsApp, posing as ACP Vikram Rathod of Delhi Police.

The victims panicked, who transferred Rs 12 lakh 80 thousand to the accused. The police had arrested Barkat Khan (32) from Alwar, Rajasthan, who is in judicial custody. Three phones were found from it. Investigation revealed other members. SI Shweta Sharma’s team under the supervision of ACP Sanjay Kumar caught Rizwan from Deeg district of Rajasthan. Police also raided Nangal village, where accused Arif and Junaid were found. But in view of law and order, he could not be arrested. Police seized their 6 phones.


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