Garuda Purana : know what is premature death and what is its punishment

There are a total of 18 Mahapuranas in Sanatan Dharma, in which many mysterious knowledge is hidden, one of these Mahapuranas is the Garuda Purana, in which the conversation of Lord Vishnu and his vehicle Garuda is described. Has been reported

This Mahapurana describes in detail the life of the Jataka, death, heaven, hell and the journey of the soul after death. It is a common belief that the Garuda Purana is recited when one dies, but it is not so. You can also recite it to get information. Many information related to premature death has been given in Garuda Purana, so today we are discussing this, so let’s know.

According to Garuda Purana, the time of death means when the time of death of a person comes near, there is separation of life and body from the soul. Salvation is achieved, in such a situation, if someone dies suddenly i.e. untimely death, then what is done with that soul and what is the punishment of untimely death, all this is described in Garuda Purana. According to Garuda Purana, seven cycles of human life are fixed, after completing this cycle, the person who dies gets salvation, but the one who is unable to complete this cycle, he gets premature death. the soul has to suffer many kinds of

It is described in our Vedas and Puranas that a human can live for hundred years but when he does a condemnable work then such people get destroyed soon. Due to many great defects done in life, the age of a human being decreases and they die of famine. The soul of such people gets death and goes to Yamlok before a certain time. According to the Garuda Purana, the soul of those who die naturally acquires another body within three, ten, thirteen or 40 days, but the soul of a man who commits the crime of suicide wanders until his time is over. It is believed that such souls neither get heaven nor hell, these souls keep wandering in the middle of the world. PLC/GT


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