Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

ABVP Supports Baba Ramdev’s Agitation

INVC,, Delhi,, National General Secretary of ABVP ,Umesh Dutt, told that ABVP is agitating against corruption, nationwide, since the last few months. Main points of which are – Making of powerful acts to curb corruption which can punish the guilty person. Ban on high denomination currency notes like Rs. 1000/- & 500/- to expose black money in the country. Black money lying in foreign banks may be brought back & shall be declared as national wealth. Existing laws & systems which encourage corruption should be changed. Baba Ramdev is also agitating on the same issues. Before this ABVP has also supported Anna Hazare’s agitation regarding demand of Jan Lokpal bill. In its second phase ABVP will hold large scale demonstrations in 500 cities across the nation on 27th July. More than 10,00,000 students will participate in these demonstrations. On 9th August on the line “Angrejo Bharat Chhodo”, ABVP will intensify its activities with slogan “Bhrashtachariyo Gaddi Chhodo”.



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