ABVP Launch the youth forum against the corruption




The ongoing crusade against corruption , ABVP launches a youth forum entitled ‘ Youth against Corruption’ in the thuder gathering of social activist, patriotic citizens and students of their national convention held at Mavalankar hall in New Delhi on 12th aprill, 2011. This forum will create the awareness within society and launch a movement in entire country for their demonstrative activities, seminars, conferences. This forum will also focuses the issue of back the Indian money from foreign banks and create the brainstorming environment in all over the country. In the conference a draft will is introduced for the issue of black money. Forum will pressurize the central government to introduce this draft bill in Parliament in next session.

National general secretary of ABVP, Shri Umesh Dutt announces the national and state convenor of this forum. National convenor is Shri Sunil Bansal and Co-Convenor Dr. Rashmi Singh (former general secretary of JNUSU). Many intellectuals and social activist are support to this initiative.

ABVP will launch the nationwide demonstration and other related activities in district to state level at 15th to 30th may. ABVP will include and also invited the thinkers, social activist and related organization to these cause for this forum also. Conference are participated by many renowned personalities from various field like Ashok Bhagat , R. balsubramanium, K.J. Alfanso, Vineet Chauhan.

Ashok Bhaghat was participating in Emegency Movement and presently working with the tribal area Jharkhand for the developmental activities. Balsubramanium is a famous RTI activist and also working with Vivekananda youth movement for the welfare of deprived section. Alfanso was the former DDA commissioner (1992- 2000) and during his tenure as commissioner, he was demolished more than 15,000 illegal constructions. After the resigning of civil services in 2006 he is active to socio-political activities. The nationalist poet from Rajashthan Vineet Chauhan is call all the youth for their stand against corruption by his nationalist poem.

National organization secretary Shri Sunil Ambekar is introduce the programme and former national general secretary Shri Vishnu Dutt Sharma release the list of corrupt VCs of Indian University. National joint organizing secretary Shri Sunil Bansal is introduce the future plane of this forum and ABVP. Dr. Rashmi Singh calls the youth the country and invite them to participate these movement.

A full day conference divided by three sessions.  In the introductory session the director of India Policy Foundation Dr.Rakesh Sinha discuses the socio-economic aspects of corruption. Shri Sunil Ambekar highlights the introduction of movement and Shri Sunil Bansal discussed the problem of corruption and its solution with the participants of all over the country.


  1. i think dis is a high time tat we raise our voice against for corruption and the black money.Even today there are great peoples like ANNA HAZARE and BABA RAMDEV who r dung ther best to eliminate corruption and take oiut the black money. we youths shoud take inspiration from them and cooperate them.
    M wid u ….to du any thng which will make my country corruption free…..
    JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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