Raipur :The sentencing of Dukala and Naini Kurre marks the end of a painful chapter for the family of Saraswati Bai and serves as a reminder of the consequences of heinous crimes. It is a case that will not be easily forgotten in the annals of Abhanpur’s history, a stark example of justice served in the face of unimaginable cruelty.

The Tragic Case of Dukala and Naini Kurre: Life Imprisonment for Murder in Abhanpur

In a landmark judgment that has sent shockwaves through the small village of Khola in the Abhanpur area, the court has delivered a verdict in a harrowing murder case. Dukala alias Dukalaha Bai and Naini Kurre have been sentenced to life imprisonment, with an additional fine of Rs 1,000 each, for the murder of a young girl, Kumari Saraswati Bai Sonwani, in a case that highlights both the brutality of the crime and the efficiency of the Indian judicial system.

A Brutal Act in the Village of Khola

The case dates back to December 18, 2019, when Saraswati Bai, a young woman caught in a web of love and betrayal, was horrifically set on fire. The perpetrators of this heinous act were none other than Lallu Satnami’s mother, Dukala alias Dukalaha Bai, his sister-in-law Naini Bai, and his father Jaylal Satnami. Saraswati Bai, who had been in a love affair with Lallu Satnami for two to three years, met a gruesome fate at their hands.

The Investigation and the Turning Point

This case was not straightforward. Initially investigated as an attempt to murder, the situation took a grim turn when Saraswati Bai succumbed to her injuries. The police, led by Assistant Sub Inspector Sabir Ali, diligently pursued the case, piecing together the events that led to the tragic incident. The investigation revealed that on the evening of December 18, Saraswati Bai was lured to Lallu’s house, where she was confronted and attacked by his family members.

Legal Proceedings and Final Judgment

The case was brought before the Ninth Additional Sessions Judge Agam Kumar Kashyap. Despite the challenges involved in such a case, the prosecution, led by Additional Public Prosecutor Saroj Gupta, presented concrete evidence and compelling witness testimonies. The court, after a thorough examination of the evidence, found Dukala alias Dukalaha Bai and Naini Kurre guilty of murder under section 302,34 of the Indian Penal Code.

Implications of the Verdict

This verdict is significant for several reasons. It not only highlights the severity of the crime but also showcases the strength and fairness of the Indian judicial system. The life sentences handed down to Dukala and Naini Kurre serve as a stern warning against such barbaric acts.

The Fugitive Jaylal Satnami

The case also draws attention to Jaylal Satnami, who remains at large. The police have prepared an absconding panchnama and presented it in court, demonstrating their commitment to bringing all perpetrators to justice.

A Community in Mourning

The village of Khola, and indeed the wider community of Abhanpur, has been left in a state of shock and grief. The tragic demise of Saraswati Bai, a young woman with her whole life ahead of her, has raised many questions about safety, security, and the values within small communities.


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