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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

A Surreal Dream.....

unnamed (13)INVC NEWS Mumbai, This September art enthusiasts in the city will experience a visual treat when Surat based artist Aashi Prajapati will showcase fascinating tales of her artistic creativity and soulful expressions at the Kamalynayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai from 6th to 11th September, 2016. A special preview will be held on 6th September, 2016, 5 pm onward. The exhibition will be inaugurated in the luminary presence of Renowned Entrepreneur, Mr. Parvez Damania and Renowned Sculptor, Mr. Arzan Khambatta. The highlight of the event is, a Lucky Draw that will be organized at the end of the exhibition where one lucky visitor will win a sketch from the artist. Painting is an all – consuming passion, and colours and from, a vital force for Aashi. The artist enjoys playing with pure forms around her. The spontaneous rendering of colours amalgamate into various spaces and spaces within spaces. Looking at her works is like a mesmerizing voyage - starting with pure translucent visuals in nature and taking it back to the tranquility of pure visual form. Although Aashi's initial explorations were based on human figures, her recent works are more inclined towards abstraction. Subtle brushstrokes and shading create a multi-layered meaning and a subdued colour palette lends a lingering calm to her works. On canvas, she creates an atmosphere that oscillates amongst meditative and exuberant. The lines are almost invisible, relying only on the colors to separate the components of the image. “I think painting is a process of thoughts, but when the painting starts its absolutely thoughtless. There is a dialogue with space within spaces, but without the utterance of a single word”, exclaims the artist. Aashi applies paint in such ways that viewers' eyes are not drawn to any particular central point on the canvas, but rather offered multiple perspectives. The flatness of the canvas is a surface in which she creates an infinite space and a series of continuous contemplative forms, seemingly with no discernable beginning or end.

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