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Monday, November 30th, 2020

A special Tanjore painting crafted by artist from Tamil Nadu claims to bring blessings to the couples in their married life

unnamed (1) INVC, Chandigarh,

it’s a real treat to see live demonstrations by National awardee craftsmen of traditional and heritage crafts like Thanjavur paintings, Pattachitra , Warli painting etc happening at the colourful ,ethnic village of Chandigarh National Crafts Mela. Around 8- 10 artists from various regions are giving live demonstration of the artforms from their respective states. Live demonstration of art form is dominating the beautiful Crafts Mela. Artist Jagadish K Kamble from Karnataka is giving live demonstration of Surpur Classical traditional miniature paintings. This Indian classical , traditional miniature panting have enriched world Art with its unique techniques and innovations .This artform was evolved independently in the Islamic Kingdoms of the Deccan ,especially Bahamani kingdom. The artist is honoured to share his knowledge with youngsters here.
Tanjore/Thanjavur Paintings demonstration at Stall no G 93 given by Arist V.Panner Salvam from Tamil Nadu, has been receiving appreciation. These paintings generally of Hindi Dieties with ornamentation in gold were traditionally used in worship 400 years ago. Colours used are generally strong. The final effect being derived from the use of gold and setting of gems which gives the paintings an ornamental and rich look. Artisan of this stall is happy with the response and says would like to come back again as people in Chandigarh are picking up this art even it is costly. This artist has fame of selling his artefacts to renowned South Indian superstar Rajnikant and other celebrities across country. A special Tanjore painting has been crafted by artist from Tamil Nadu claimed to bring blessings to the couples in their married life. It is further claimed by the artists that, as per mythology the God and Goddess pair of Raddi Mann Madan can add happiness in any couple’s life. Live demonstration of Orissa’s “Patachitra” is given at Stall no G 72, a famous. It is usually made on palm leaf and depicts the mythological stories. Its has a theme of deities as its subject. The stall has excellent collection of masterpieces in the form of Palmfeaf puppet, Dhokra, paper masks, cow dunck toys, Ganjapa/playing cards. Goods made of palm leaf engraving are liked a lot by the visitors. The black colour used in this art is made from the smoke emerged from burnt leaves smoke. This year, the entrance walls of Crafts Mela is adorned by Warli art, painted by Artist Ankush and his team from Maharashtra. Made on the cow dung paper, the art work is of 2 dimensional effects, with no perspective or proportion. Warli painting is simple and linear with the maximum use of triangular shape. The artist here is imparting his knowledge amongst visitors. Today in the evening, programme titled ”Colours and Sound of Haryana was held.



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