A short story of online Casinos in India



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Gambling has been one of the major passions of Indians like it has been in other parts of the world. Its history can be traced back to hundreds if not thousands of years. Historical evidences have suggested that gambling in some or the other form was known in ancient civilizations. In China, evidences of rudimentary game of chances have been discovered on tiles. Whereas, in Egypt oldest known dice was discovered. Likewise, inscriptions on Greek and Roman pottery have shown people betting on animal fight.

Gambling has evolved over the period. With growing popularity among people across the world the games of gambling have also got improvised, organized and regulated by the law of the land. In modern times Casinos have evolved as the hotspot of gambling. The first ever casino or gambling house appeared in Italy in the 17th century and eventually casinos started appearing throughout the continental Europe in the nineteenth century. Though gambling was not an alien culture in India but Casinos in India is purely a colonial outcome. Gambling and Casinos are strictly regulated in India by laws governed by the State. It is legal in state of Sikkim and Goa and Union Territory of Daman. There are an estimated 21 physical Casinos in India.
Because of unavailability and inaccessibility of casinos in most of the states in India, online gambling and casinos are gaining popularity. Online casinos involve low operating expenses as they don’t require premises hence from on operations point of view is also feasible for the operators. Also, in terms of communication, promotion and tracking capabilities, online casinos are way ahead of their physical counterparts. The convenience of no mandatory dress code in online casinos unlike physical ones has added to their success in India. Most importantly, unlike land based casinos online casinos offer gambling in multiple currencies so there is no extra effort of currency conversion.
Online gambling is not strictly regulated in India. As of yet, online gambling is also not regulated by the Public Gambling Act of 1867 which on the contrary regulates physical casinos. Royal Panda, Rizk, Betway and Jeetwin are few popular online casino sites functioning in India. So guys don’t miss to explore them and try your luck.



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