Sources said that there is no such thing as a non-Gandhi party president. However, several Congress leaders said that Kishor had spoken of the election of a non-Gandhi as Congress president in private conversations.

At the same time, he has suggested Rahul Gandhi to work as the leader of the party in the Lok Sabha. It is to be known that the creation of a new Congress for the people, to protect the values ​​and core principles of the party, to destroy the spirit of sycophancy, to solve the puzzle of alliance, to counter nepotism, ‘one family, one ticket’. Suggestions like formula, reorganization of organizational bodies through elections at all levels and fixed tenure for all posts including Congress President and Congress Working Committee… have been given in the viral presentation.

This development comes after talks between the PK and the Congress leadership on the roadmap for the revival of the party. Prashant Kishor said on this that this is an old/fake presentation, which has nothing to do with the recent conversation. The Congress has not officially commented on this. A party leader on the condition of anonymity said that we have not seen any such presentation.

Another leader said that it could either be out of date or it would be fake. The senior Congress leader told that this is the same presentation that Kishor had put before the Congress leadership last year. At present, many types of additions and some have been removed. PLC&GT


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