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A musical twist to the friendship day celebrations at 92.7 Big FM with Shaan & Salim merchant

Shaan-&-Salim-Merchant-at-9INVC NEWS New Delhi,

With Friendship Day around the corner, 92.7 BIG FM, India's largest and No.1 radio network, planned a wonderful way of indulging its listeners in the celebrations on-air. Acclaimed music composer Salim Merchant and Singer Shaan, who began their careers in Bollywood more than 2 decades ago, share a great camaraderie off-screen. As a Friendship Day special, the talented artists came together at an event held at 92.7 BIG FM studio in Mumbai and showcased their 25 years long friendship bond. The special segment will air on the radio network's show #Salim on 6th August 2017 across cities.

On this occasion, the duo was seen sharing stories about their friendship, which surprised the people, since until now it has always been music that they have spoken about. The celebration turned into a musical evening, leaving the audience mesmerized as Shaan sang some of his most popular songs in his melodious voice. Bollywood's popular music composer, Salim Merchant raised the engagement quotient by revealing interesting details about the making of the songs sung by the singer.

The excitement level will soar high on 7th of August as the listeners will get to see role reversal. It is Salim who enlightens listeners about the making of iconic songs and their technicalities, on his show #Salim. This time around, Shaan will share the specifics of how certain rhythms in some of his illustrious songs were created, while Salim will listen intently. The celebration will continue as the duo will sing some iconic songs of bollywood.

Sharing about his bond with ace singer Shaan, music composer Salim Merchantsaid, “I am very lucky that my friend circle has always been with singers and musicians. The incredible ace singer Shaan and I are closest friends and with each year our friendship grows stronger. I am very happy that we have got an opportunity to celebrate friendship day on my show #Salim on BIG FM. The listeners will be in for a day full of Shaan and Salim’s 25-year long friendship.”

Celebrating friendship day with his best friend Salim Merchant, Shaan quipped, “I have known Salim for over 25 years, that is even before we entered the music industry. It has been a great bond ever since. He has been one of my closest friends and I have shared the best moments of our growing years together. I personally feel that in life you may have many friends but childhood friends will stay together forever no matter what.”



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