Friday, May 29th, 2020

A lot can happen over a cup of Coffee


New Delhi , It’s a thumb rule that “Coffee & relationships go hand in hand”. While Valentine’s Day is here, so it’s a good occasion to hand out a thoughtful gift to the one you love and value in your life. Keeping this in mind Wonderchef, the pioneer brand in innovative and healthy kitchenware, headed by serial entrepreneur Mr. Ravi Saxena, has unveiled a state of art technology to gift your spouse, lover or dear ones & let them brew the perfect cappuccino in this Cuppaccino Maker. Since long back Coffee, has always been symbolized as a bond of your relation in many ways be it friendship or love. But, somehow in the rat race of urban life where there are so many pressures and time constraints in terms of workload, deadlines, EMI's, etc... we usually isolate our closest relations and stop making conversations over the cup of coffee. This Cuppaccino Maker by Wonderchef will let you have a cup of rich, creamy, luscious, foamy Cappuccino with your loved ones at home itself and get you to indulge in pleasant conversations with them that will surely be enjoyable to create lovable memories each day in your life. Wonderchef’s Cuppaccino Maker comes in a sheer stylish and compact design, which is a contemporary amalgamation where ease of use, automation, and affordability meets the rapid cappuccino system, ensuring a perfect cup of frothy Cappuccino drink ready in just 3 minutes. According to Mr. Ravi Saxena, Managing Director, Wonderchef Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd, “Wonderchef has always focused on offering the best and most innovative, quality centered kitchen appliances and cookware for its patrons. The Company constantly endeavors to create modern solutions for serving India’s discerning consumers with appliances that serve the need of the time. With coffee being the second favorite beverage after tea and first major preference especially among the youth, Wonderchef has thoughtfully curated Cuppaccino to fill the life of its customers with convenience without compromising on taste. It offers coffee-shop-style coffee with the extended convenience to the patrons by having the right amount of milk and luscious aromatic foam, perfectly heated and combined to sip the best.



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