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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

A helpline that reaches out to stressed students

INVC,, Luknow
    The recent spurt of suicides by students in the state is a matter of great concern for society. It simply points to something being drastically wrong in the society where we all live. It points towards communication gaps between teachers, parents and students. It shows the pressure and stress they are carrying. It shows a depression and desperation that is seething within them. Otherwise why should a dynamic young person cut short his life right in the prime of youth?.
    “We like many felt the need to reach out, to talk, to analyze, and to counsel such students. What was born out of this concern was a helpline aptly named ‘All is well’, said Mr Anshumali Sharma of Child line Helpline Lucknow. A  Reader and Head,   Geology, J N P G College Mr. Sharma’s Child line that works for abandoned children decided to expand the work base and include counseling of  stressed students during the time of emotional crisis, specially during examination.
To help such students and to help them stop taking this extreme step some like minded NGOs -namely Human Unity Movement (HUM), CCYRCI have joined Child line Helpline Lucknow (A Government of India Project under the Ministry of Child and Women Development) and started a 24 hours x 7 days helpline service on toll free number 1098,9415023121, 9415408590 and 9415189200. [caption id="attachment_10530" align="alignnone" width="979" caption=" A helpline that reaches out to stressed students"] A helpline that reaches out to stressed students[/caption]



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zakir, says on April 6, 2010, 11:59 AM

Dear , Anshumali Sharma thanks for your information and suggestion, i will forward it to my correspondent health, next time you can mail me directly at regard zakir hussein editor

Anshumali Sharma, says on April 6, 2010, 10:24 AM

Dear Mr. Zakir, This is regarding the above newsitem posted on your website.Some mistakes have been made in reporting of this article which are spreading wrong messages to the society.It might have been committed inadvertently but in the interest of the children and CHILDLINE branding these have to be rectified and posted immediately on the website. "All is Well" is actually a campaign which Human Unity Movement is running with the help of CHILDINE Lucknow and HUM is collaborative partner of CHILDLINE Lucknow and not the owner of CHILDLINE. It is actually a project of Ministry of Women & Child Development GOI which is operational in 83 cities of India and 8 cities of UP with the help of various NGO's. CHILDLINE India Foundation is the monitoring and evaluating body of CHILDLINE. Thank u, Anshumali Sharma Director CHILDLINE Lucknow & President,Human Unity Movement Expert who addressed the media nest/Unicef CHILDRENS' HOUR on March 28th,2010 at Press Club , Lucknow So please issue a corrigendum on the website to remove all the doubts about the campaign and keeping alive the spirit behind it.