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Vidya Balan is one such personality who has not only impressed the audience with her power-packed performances, but time and again has been an individual who has stood up for the right issues at the right point of time. The talented actress, who is enjoying her latest stint as an RJ to the fullest, shared her opinion on the prevalent issue of dowry in the country. On her show ‘Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan’, on 92.7 BIG FM, she shed light on how it is affecting several lives, whether the old-age custom still exists or if it has changed with the modern times.

Expressing her concern on the serious matter, while making sure her message reaches out to all listeners, she said, “We say that time has changed and people don’t follow age-old traditions like dowry any more. But I wonder if they really don’t follow this tradition, or has it been rebranded in the form of gifts, business partnerships as per their convenience. We have to understand that marriage is a new beginning to a new life but not a trap.”

Vidya Balan signed off with food for thought for parents, “If you really want to give dowry, give it in the form of education, awareness and self-respect. And if somebody still asks for it, then show them the other way. Dowry was a gift when women didn’t have any right over their parent’s wealth, that’s when they used to present it happily to their daughters. But this custom of love has turned into a custom of abuse and no one has realised it, unfortunately.”

MUTHOOT BLUE DHUN BADAL KE TOH DEKHO WITH VIDYA BALAN presented by MUTHOOT FINCORP is BIG FM’s new show which focuses on bringing imperative social topics to the forefront, airs every weekday evening from 7pm to 9pm, with repeats on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to that, a special highlight segment – MUTHOOT BLUE DHUN BADAL KE TOH DEKHO WITH VIDYA BALAN presented by Muthoot Fincorp spotlight which airs from Monday to Friday between 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM.


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