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What are the main symptoms of Corona infection? When do we need to worry about COVID? What should I do if I suspect infection? My eyes are paining is it infected? My eyes are red and watery, is it infected? I have blurred vision, what to do? I have got operated my eyes recently, what precautions should I take? I had injured my eyes, what should I do ? I am diabetic and was regularly checking retina. What should I do? I am having Glaucoma and under medication. What should I do? I am using eye drops regularly and have no stock now. What should I do? I am due for cataract surgery. Can I wait? I’m due for Retina Laser? Can I wait?

I get many questions like this but first understand that Mother Earth through God Almighty controls life, population and brings new life processes like the Corona Virus in to the world and they fight with us for existence and ultimately they will loose and co-exist with us, meaning any Virus will continue to exist but mutate (change) and becomes less deadly and then we and the virus will exist together.


SARS-COV-2 = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-CoronaVirus-2.COVID-2 is the severe respiratory disease that we get due to the above Virus. Death rate in fact is  not much if you self isolate /  quarantine yourself for 2 more months if you are elderly and you have Diabetes, Lung problems and immune suppression like in old age, Aids, with Cancer on treatment, any transplant surgery and recovering from any surgery.


Symptoms depend on whether one is an asymptomatic patient, mild, moderate, severe and critical patient.


Asymptomatic Patient


Asymptomatic is a situation without any symptoms but still Covid-19 positive can have mild to severe red eyes, excess watering of the eyes and swelling in the white part of the eye. It is important to know that first 38 patients in China 1/3 rd of them presented with eye problems, 80% of symptom free patients have virus in their eyes. MASKS cover the nose and mouth but not the eyes. Therefore if you have red eyes get them tested wear protective glasses, Dr Li Wenliang Eye Doctor first to expose public in China got it from his patient and died. Please take care and get eyes checked by eye doctors.




·         Can be from eyes, nose and mouth

·         Person to person

·         Touching objects

·         Stool samples also the Virus was found

·         Virus can live in air, therefore MASKS very very important


Physical distance and washing hands and using sanitizers will save you.This information is not to scare you but for you to be extremely careful by wearing protective glasses and masks for next three months definitely.


Commom symptoms:


·         Fever, Cough and shortness of breath

·         Diarrhoea common in early stages

·         and also reduced or loss of smell

·         Conjunctivitis as mentioned

·         Headaches and eye pains


When these symptoms get worse, immediately get admitted. It can take 2-14 days before you develop symptoms. Entire pandemic started with one patient. Therefore please be don’t be a spreader.




There is no vaccine or right medicine to treat the infection doctors are putting in their best efforts to treat them using various medicines. Many have recovered with treatment

All medicines have side effects, therefore please don’t take them without Doctor‘s guidance.




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Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, Chief Surgeon, Co-Chairman & Founder MaxiVision group of Eye Hospitals, Hyderabad


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