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70 percent rooms completed for CWG 2010

INVC,, The XXVIIth meeting of the ‘Task Force’ constituted for the purpose of monitoring the augmentation of hotel accommodation in the National Capital Region of Delhi was held on 27th January, 2010. The review of the hotel projects coming up for the Commonwealth Games indicated that 7,307 rooms have been completed which is 70% of the overall 10,540 ‘Definite’ rooms. The performance of hotel projects of Haryana is commendable as 85% of the 6,766 ‘Definite’ rooms have been already completed and efforts are being made to complete the balance rooms as early as possible. Several hotels in Haryana are in the process of receiving the completion certificate and are likely to be inaugurated in the coming few months. The hotel promoters are striving to complete the projects and operationalize the hotels by 31st March, 2010 in ordered to receive the benefits of the Five Year Tax Holiday announced by the Govt. for hotels coming up for the Games in the National Capital Region of Delhi. The progress made by all the segments for the overall availability of rooms from the existing hotels, new hotel projects, licensed Guest Houses, Bed & Breakfast Establishment and DDA Housing Units located at Vasant Kunj was found to be satisfactory. Secretary Tourism Shri Sujit Banerjee also undertook a site visit on 30.01.2010 of the surrounding areas of Paharganj which has clusters of Guest Houses and the road leading to the New Delhi Railway Station alongwith officials of various implementing agencies involved in the beautification / upgradation of the infrastructure viz. MCD, NDMC, Govt. of Delhi, Delhi Jal Board etc. He emphasized the need for improving the Chelmsford Road leading to New Delhi Railway Station from Connaught Place which is the leading road not only to the Railway Station but also the Guest Houses located in Paharganj area. Secretary (Tourism) also inaugurated one of the Information Kiosks named ‘Aap ke Dwar’ set up by MCD on Arakansha road and also saw the rotaries / parks constructed by MCD at Dayal Chowk. The work of MCD done for visibly impaired pedestrians by using yellow tiles on the side walks of Chitragupta Road was appreciated. The beautification works under the metroline at Dayal Chowk was also appreciated. The works being carried out for beautification / upgradation by the various implementing agencies is being reviewed and monitored regularly to ensure that time schedules are strictly observed so that the works are completed in time for the Games.



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