The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health said that the impact of pollution on global health is much greater than that of war, terrorism, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, drugs and alcohol. In general, the review found that 6.7 million people died due to air pollution.

Experts say that climate change is responsible for this. Surprising figures have come out about pollution around the world. In the year 2019, 9 million people died due to different pollution all over the world. These figures have increased by 55 percent since the year 2000. China has the highest number of 24 lakh deaths. India is at number two, 22 lakh people died here. Whereas America is at number seven in this list. The Lancet Planetary Health has released these figures regarding pollution and health.

According to the report, 66.7 lakh people died due to air pollution alone globally. 17 lakh people lost their lives due to the use of dangerous chemicals. In the year 2019, 16.7 lakh people died in India due to air pollution. That is, if we calculate, it accounts for 17.8% of all deaths in the country that year.

Most of the 16.7 lakh deaths related to air pollution in India – 9.8 lakh – were due to PM2.5 pollution. Another 6.1 lakh were caused by household air pollution. Although deaths from pollution sources associated with extreme poverty (such as indoor air pollution and water pollution) have decreased, these reductions have been offset by deaths from industrial pollution (such as ambient air pollution and chemical pollution) .

The United States is the only fully industrialized country among the top 10 countries for total pollution deaths, according to The Lancet Planetary Health Journal. Here in the year 2019, 142,883 people died due to pollution. America is in 7th place. According to the report, more than 90% of pollution-related deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries. PLC&GT


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