Saturday, February 29th, 2020

55% of women in the Panchkula region are anaemic which not only affects their health but also the health of the children

INVC NEWS Panchkula, It’s incredible that how woman plays a various role and that too with love and enthusiasm. Women is indeed a pillar to the society, she gives life to life. It is very important that we should encourage her to showcase her unusual strength and help her to nurture her power. International women’s Day is one of those occasions that give an opportunity to celebrate the velour of women and her inner strength. With the world gearing up to celebrate International Women’s Day, Paras Bliss Panchkula is creating waves in Panchkula and nearby region in the way it knows the best. By conducting a series of activities spanned over two days, March 7th and 8th, focusing on women’s health, the leading healthcare provider for women and child continues to keep the torch burning for gender equality. To celebrate the day, Paras Bliss joined hands with corporates like Tech Mahindra and Ericsson, where doctors from the hospital, Dr. Monica, participated in the official event by putting spotlight on women’s health through an inspiring and informative talk. “Even in the well to do, educated classes of society, women’s health takes a tertiary position behind that of the husband, child, and other family members. It is still expected that women will largely take care of other’s needs first and compromising their own health is a common practice. We are celebrating International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme is Press for Progress. It is our core belief that as a society one cannot press for women’s progress until there’s increased focus on women’s health. We are rooting for gender equality in all aspects of life, and by not focusing on women’s health, we are keeping half the population deprived of their fundamental right and denying them equal opportunity of growth and progress.” _said Dr Monica Agarwal, Consultant Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paras Bliss Hospital. The doctors not only spread awareness on women’s health through the talk, but also were armed with fun quiz and games around the topic to make the sessions most engaging and exciting. It is great that we have a day like Women’s day specifically a country like India which has completely been spoiled by many atrocities against women. Like many other countries Women’s day in India is celebrated with the similar enthusiasm It was good to see women, and even men, engage with the activities with complete enthusiasm, saysDr Monica Agarwal, Consultant Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paras Bliss Hospital. On the 8th of March, Paras Bliss decided to celebrate Women’s Day with its patients, and welcomed people from various corporate, houses and other arenas at their hospital.Adding more fun in the activities RJ Geet from 94.3 My Fm had an exciting interactive session with the patients. She also had a question& answers round with Dr Shilva, Dr Monica Agarwal and Dr. Gambhir. Paras Bliss created an atmosphere of joy and celebration by delivering confidence boosting talks and engaging activities. “Our whole objective of conducting these activities were to inspire women to share and get more involved with each other. We also succeeded in making the day more special for our patients who are majorly female and children by allowing visitors from various fields to come and participate in the events. Women’s health has been compromised for years now. Till today, around 55% of women in the Panchkula region are anaemic which not only affects their health but also the health of the children. This in itself calls for serious awareness and focus on women’s health, without which one cannot think of achieving progress in economic, social, or political status quo of women’s position India”_ said Dr Shilva, Senior Consultant Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paras Bliss Hospital. Nevertheless a lot of work is still to be done in the direction including the public and private domain. Women’s Day in India is celebrated to make people aware of all the progresses that have been done till date and the work that still needs to be done



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