5 such Vastu defects due to which there is always unrest in the house


Mumbai  : Due to Vastu defect in the house, there comes peace and disturbance, for happiness in the house it is also necessary for Vastu to be correct. In Vastu Shastra, the things kept in the house also have their own direction. It is said that the place we keep household items affects our life. In some houses there is always a dispute over some issue or people in that house often remain ill. All these things can also be caused by Vastu defects. Today we are going to tell you something that can be avoided by keeping these Vastu defects in mind. These are 5 such Vastu defects due to which there is always unrest in the house.

It is said in Vastu Shastra that the main gate of the house should be bigger than other doors of the house. If the main gate is smaller than other doors, there may be money related problems.

The windows of the house should be kept open at the time of sunrise. Through this, positive energy enters the house.

The main door of the house should not be black. According to Vastu, due to this, the head of the family may have to face betrayal, insult and continuous losses.

Any kind of weapon or stick etc. should not be kept behind the doors of the house. This may also lead to disputes among family members.

There should not be a wash basin in any bedroom of the house. This may cause problems in marital life.

You can bring peace in your home by trying all these Vastu tips.


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