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Thursday, January 21st, 2021

5% Reduction in Substandard Milk and Milk Products


Chandigarh , The comparative analysis report of the MMP samples seized during the month of August and September reflect 15% Reduction in Substandard Milk and Milk Products (MMP), informed Mr KS Pannu, Commissioner Food Safety, Punjab.The constant inspection and motivation by the Deputy Commissioners and the Food Safety Teams has borne a sweet fruit for the people. After the initial warnings and the awareness/sensitization drive, just in two months we have been able to check appreciable amount of adulteration, said Pannu and added that “this is just the beginning, we shall not rest till we end this nuisance”.Giving the details of the analysis report, Commissioner informed that in the month of August 1429 samples were seized out of which 666 samples amounting to 46.6% did not conform to the standards while in the month of September 1023 samples were seized and 337 out of them ie 32.9 % did not conform to the standards.Divulging into further details he informed that milk adulteration has come down by 21%, butter , ghee and other milk products by 11% and in case of edible oils , fats and vanaspati by 15 %.He informed that the Halwai Associations have assured all support to the Tandrust Punjab Mission. They want to come clear of the blot of sub-standard products and have assured to prepare sweets by at their self manufactured Khoya or that purchased from the trusted sources. This will further reduce the chance of entry of sub standard sweets in the market and we hope this festive season will be a healthy and safe for all the Punjabis, said Pannu.



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