5 reasons why Homecoming 2 should be on your next binge-watch list



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A mysterious storyline, brilliant narrative, captivating suspense, and an incredible line up of actors; these are just the ingredients that make Amazon Prime Video’s Homecoming the perfect show for binge watch worthy. Leaving the audience wanting more with the popular Season 1, Amazon Prime Video is all set to roll out Homecoming Season 2 on May 22nd. Here we have put together 5 reasons that should make it the number 1 series on your watchlist:

Janelle Monáe – Essaying the lead role, Monáe is a singer, songwriter and an extremely talented actor. The Academy Award winning actress will be seen in absolute never seen before avatar capturing your attention with her fine acting chops and brilliant dialogue delivery. We all leave a collective sigh when the trailer of the second season opens with her echoing voice, “I Knew Something Was Wrong With Me, But I Couldn’t Explain It To Anyone”. Hold your breath and grab onto the edge as this is one promises to be one helluva ride.

Stephan James – This Canadian gem has been stealing our hearts ever since he began his career as a teenager. Watching him as Walter Cruz sent Goosebumps down our spines each time, he came onscreen. Well, the good news is that Stephan will be reprising his role as Walter Cruz and will be shown trying to build a new life after the trauma of the war and the Homecoming initiative

Kyle Patrick Alvarez – A good story requires a good direction and if the director is Kyle then we need not say anything more! Kyle is highly reputed for bringing some of the best stories such as 13 Reasons Why, The Stanford Prison Experiment, C.O.G etc to life in the most beautiful manner. Our anticipations have gone way high after reading this news, but the wait will be worth the watch

New Mystery – The trailer of the second season made us realise how this season will take us deep down the roots of the Homecoming initiative and let’s be honest; we are all keen to find out what is the ‘New Mystery’. Well, there is only one way to know, keep our patience intact till 22nd May

Fresh Music – As revealed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez a few days ago, the series will not have vintage music but a new composer. So, we can expect some fresh, engaging music to add cherry on the overall entertainment

After reading this if you cannot keep your excitement in control, we suggest you start binge watching the first season of the show and on 22nd May, Homecoming will come home on Amazon Prime Video.


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