5 fascinating authors who have showcased interesting hidden facts about the Indian Mythology



New Delhi,   

1. The Code Of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi

In the quiet and peaceful city of Madhavpur, a reclusive Krishna is busy with an immense task. The Manavas, it seems, are doomed. Yet Krishna knows there is a slim chance of survival for the Manavas, although there is a huge price to be paid for it. Will the various factions of the Manavas unite for the greater good? Will Krishna, who saved them during the turn of the last Yuga, be able to save them now? What will be the price to pay?

Enter the mythical world of Maha Vishnu and get swept up in a fast-paced suspenseful narrative.

Price : INR 200
Publisher : Rupa Publication

2. Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta by Amish Tripathi

This exciting 3rd book of the Ram Chandra series throws light on Raavan, the king of Lanka. The light shines on the darkest of the darkest kind.Is Raavanthe biggest villain in the history or just a man in a dark place?

Read this epic tale of one of the most harsh, aggressive, intense and skilled men of all time.

Price – INR 260
Publisher – Westland Books

3. Keepers of the Kalachakra by Ashwin Sanghi

Keepers of the Kalachakra is an expedition that will have you gasp for breath—but one that you cannot discard till all the pieces of the jigsaw happens to be together. Till you come up gobsmacked against an end that you simply didn't see coming.

Price – INR 200
Publisher – Westland

4. Lanka's Princess by Kavita Kane

Ravan’s infamous sister— Surpanakha, uncontrollable and ugly, cruel
and bold. That is how she is perceived. The one whose nose was chopped off by the aggressive Lakshman and the one who begin a war but was she just aperpetrator of war? Or she was a victim? Was she Lanka’s princess? Or was she the reason of all the destruction.

Read Kavita Kane's amazing  tale to figure out the interesting hidden facts about Lanka's Princess.

Price : INR 295
Publisher : Rupa Publications

5. 7 secrets of Vishnu by Devdutt Pattanaik

For Hinduism, Vishnu is a Lord who stimulates man to discover humanity by discovering the world. Many artists have envisioned him with as curly-haired, dark complex man with a smile on his face and a glitter in his eyes.  This book attempts to reveal seven secrets that are significant even in modern times.

Price: Rs 260
Publisher : Westland Books


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