Saturday, July 4th, 2020

5 characters from Four More Shots Please! Season2 we’d love to say, ‘Be my Quarantine’!


Mumbai ,

Social Distancing from a deadly virus, working from home, managing home, constantly rolling the Ludo dice and looking for the best way to entertain yourself - all this all day without stepping out of the confines of your home’s four walls. Obviously! This amount of hard work demands a continuous flow of four more shots. While we are making do with only the essentials these days, Prime Video has us covered with the season 2 of Four More Shots Please! To make your imaginary isolation life a tad bit interesting we have listed down 5 characters from the show, who could be our Quarantine for this season:

Siddhi Patel– Okay!Being caged at home is not a pleasant affair and the ghouls of the irate land haunt us all day long! So to ward off the ghouls we need some adorb cuteness around us. Siddhi with her infectious charm, and happy go lucky attitude will be the perfect companion for social distancing. You can be all in awe and spend the day doing random cutesy things or just make TikTok videos!



Dr Aamir –With great hotness comes great responsibilities! Yes, we are referring to Dr Aamir’schiselled body, perfect jawline and the million dollars smile that he generously bestows on us. Apart from his Greek God avatar, he is a doctor always ready to save the day. Is there anything that could be healthier? Also, Fleabag might have the Hot Priest at least we have a Greek God Doctor ;)



Umang Singh– Just as her name, this nonchalant Ludhiana Kudi is enthusiastic about fitness, fitness and fitness. As you munch away all your apocalypse snack hoard on your couch, she will make sure you burn them right away as well! Whipping up healthy and interesting dishes to keeping the lazy blues away, Umang Singh is the perfect quarantine partner if you ‘d like to flaunt the perfect summer bod glow post lockdown!!



Jeh Wadia– Not just in quarantine, butlife in general, makes us want someone to constantly fix our drinks. Who doesn’t like to get pampered and enjoy the little things in life? And it becomes the best version of isolation life when you get to do all those things with the uber cool Jeh Wadia himself.



Damini Roy– She loves dogs. She is funny. And she also has interesting stories to share and write about!! Meet Damini Roy, your kind of quarantine partner if you have lots of opinions, thoughts and no matter what you do your wall just doesn’t respond! A warm cup of coffee and get your debate pants on, as this fiery journalist gives you a riveting conversation with some cookies, of course!


So, April 17th come hither! We are in this for a long haul anyway!




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