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5 biggest news from 2019


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Another fantastic year has finished, and the New Year arrives. The previous year, 2019, was full of controversies, political events, cricket world, assembly elections, and many more. One can read more gambling news here. It is tough to select the top 5 news of 2019 because there is a lot of news that appears as the top headlines of the newspapers or on news channels. Overall, 2019 will be remembered for its political ups and downs because of assembly elections, Lok Sabha elections, PM Kisan yojna, abrogating article 370, and many more. The high light of 2019 is that PM Narendra Modi was selected for five more years he will be the prime minister of India until 2024.

Top 5 news of 2019

  1. Elections of Lok Sabha:-Any of the election is grand in the scale of India. But the 2019 Lok Sabha election was the biggest highlight of this year. The vote was divided into seven phases that started from 11th April 2019 and ended on 19th May 2019. Over 10.34 lakhs polling booths were established for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Around 17.4 lakhs EVM machines were used in elections. Bhartiya Janta party (BJP) won 303 seats, and NDA got 353 seats; because of this massive majority, Narender Modi has continued his second term in PM office. 


  1. Article 370 is no more: -

A bill for abrogating article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir and Bifurcate the state in two union territories, Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir approved in the parliament in 2019.  Home minister Amit Shah has stated that article 370 was responsible for poverty and lack of development in the region. This step taken by the central government led to heightened. The issues and tensions between India and Pakistan.The issue of article 370 was also raised in many other international forums, including the United Nations.


  1. Launched Chandrayan 2:-

The second lunar mission of India was launched in July 2019 and named as Chandrayan 2. It was scheduled to launch on 15th July, but due to some technical issues, the launching date was postponed. The ISRO team has succeeded in the mission but failed to land the lander (Vikram) on the moon. Vikram had carried the rover named pragyan to carry out various experiments on the surface of the moon.  When the satellite Vikram was 2.1 km away from the moon's surface, the communication link was snapped on 7th September. ISRO confirmed the location of Vikram after three days through images beamed by the orbiter.  NASA confirmed that the satellite had found the debris of Vikram on 3rd December 2019. 


  1. Assembly elections 2019:-

Seven states of India had gone through the assembly elections in the previous year. Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim, and Andhra Pradesh's elections held in April 2019 and Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand went to polls on October 2019. CM Pema Khandu won the votes of Arunachal Pradesh, Navin Patnayak won in Odisha, SKM president Prem Singh Tamangwon the elections in Sikkim, and Jagmohan reddy, routed Chandra babu reddy in the elections of Andhra Pradesh.  BJP succeeded in returning in power in Haryana state but failed in Maharashtra and Jharkhand.


  1. CYCLONE FANI killed 64 people:-

The most significant cyclone after 1999 Odisha cyclone made landfall at Purion 3rd May 2019. The summer cyclone ravaged parts of Odisha, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. Massive relief work was arranged in the state; even during this critical period, people went to poll stations for the Lok Sabha elections. Around 2000 emergency workers provided relief services to affected people. 



Reading about the news is a fascinating topic. Many people are very keen interest to understand different stories happening all around. We can say earlier the way to get news is the print media only. But nowadays we have many other mediums like social media or news channels.


People are too active on social media therefore getting the biggest news from 2019 is very easy.

Above mentioned are the top 5 biggest news of 2019. Therefore we can't neglect the fact that all thereport mentioned above has created some history.

Now we have to see how 2020 is going to be in this decade? The starting of a new decade is very exciting for any individual.


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