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Sunday, October 25th, 2020

5 amazing pro kabaddi facts that you might not know


New Delhi,

Kabaddi would be one of the popular indigenous games played in India since its origin. Because of its tremendous public appeal and delightful simplicity, it is also known as the game of masses. To know about the tactics of kabaddi, one can visit Here, you can get the latest update about the matches and the gamblers. Gambling is also popular in kabaddi. Therefore, knowing the game properly before betting is essential for any player.

Star sports network has brought this sport back by introducing a new format named as pro kabaddi league. Pro Kabaddi league has captured theimaginations of fans and became one of the most popular sports tournaments of India.

The fans of kabaddi will want to know the sport's lesser-known facts. Here are the top 5 surprising facts about pro kabaddi league that you might not know.

Top 5 tremendous reasons that hardly anyone knows:


  1. The official game of 4 Indian states: -There are many rumors behind the word kabaddi; many of the people believe that the name kabaddi has come from the Tamil word kai-pidi that means to hold hands. The roots of this sports trace to the Tamil Nadu state. Apart from this Tamil Nadu has also declared kabaddi as state game. Kabaddi is reported as state game not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states have declared it as their state game.


  1. Mahabharata battle also refers to kabaddi: -As per some historians, the origin of kabaddi can be traced back to the 4000 years ago in the battle of Mahabharata during Abhimanyu fought with the Kauravas. Apart from this, the game is mentioned in many different mythology epics but the most significant it refers to Mahabharata. Many of the Buddhist literature revealed that the lord Buddha has also played kabaddi often for recreation. These historical facts are astonishing, and people still have different beliefs about the origin of this sport.


  1. Different names and popularity: - The game of masses has so many other names also. The different zones of India have named various names to this sport. The people of the south zone called it Chedugudu. In the north zone, some people refer to it as Kaunbada. In the east part of India people calls it Ha-Do-Do and in the western region, is referred as to Hu-tu-tu. Kabaddi had earned massive respect in Bangladesh and declared it as the national sport of Bangladesh. Apart from this, many other different countries are putting a considerable interest in this sport, such as Maldives,  Spain, Denmark, the U.S., Argentina, Italy, Belgium and many more.


  1. Reached Olympic: - In the year 1936, India was responsible for introducing kabaddi in front of the whole world in the Berlin Olympic Games. The first international exposure of kabaddi was demonstrated by The Hanuman vyayam parser kmandalof Amravati, Maharashtra. After two years later of first international exposure, it was introduced at the Indian national games in Kolkata. In the year 1950, the India kabaddi federation came into existence and helped to organize the senior national championship. In the year 1972, the amateur kabaddi federation of India was formed and introduced the junior-level competition.


  1. Two different formats: -There are two different formats of this sport, one is international rules kabaddi and the second is circle style kabaddi. A rectangular court of 13×10 meters is required for the international rules kabaddi format and circle style kabaddi requires a circular pitch of 11 meters radius. Both formats have different world cup tournament.

Pro Kabaddi is a very popular tournament nowadays. People are watching it nowadays a lot. Now, if you are searching for the fantastic facts of pro kabaddi, you can go through the above. It will help you to know the league deeply. Any Kabaddi lover who watches all the matches of kabaddi will love to know these. Even those who are gambling on various games of kabaddi will get help to bet. We suggest the readers always to go through any game thoroughly if you are thinking to place a bet. An online casino can help you to enjoy the most every season.




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