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Monday, September 28th, 2020

382 people die every day in India in road accidents mostly due to lack of appropriate emergency treatment

invcnewsINVC NEWS Patna,

With a highly specialized trauma care unit supported by an ambulance turnaround time of less than 10 minutes, Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna has emerged as the leading institute providing world-class emergency services in Bihar. The hospital has proved to be a life saver especially for road accident victims for whom timely emergency care is critically important. Around 382 people die every day in India in road accidents due to lack of appropriate emergency treatment, including delay in ambulance services, lack of triage facility and shortage of equipped emergency care staff. Paras HMRI, Patna is serving to fill this gaping void in the state’s healthcare scenario by saving lives of critically injured accident victims as well as other emergency patients. Sarfaraz and Anuj were travelling from Arah to Jagdishpur when they collided with a tractor in a potentially fatal accident.  The duo was brought to Paras HMRI Hospital in a semi-conscious state with severe facial injuries along with major bleeding. The Hospital’s triage facility immediately identified the two as high priority patients and the emergency staff rushed to stabilize them and prevent possible fatal consequences. The doctors in the emergency unit first stabilized the patients with the help of blood transfusions, pain killers and antibiotics etc. Once in a more stable condition, the patients were shifted to the operation theater for important surgical interventions. Strict adherence to emergency and life saving protocol and absence of any delay in managing the patients not only saved the lives of Sarfaraz and Anuj, but also ensured that they recovered within 10 days and were discharged from the hospital. Paras HMRI hospital, Patna, boasts a fully equipped trauma unit which has been set up adhering to all protocols, policies, and guidelines under NABH accreditation. Timely medical care is highly important for not only accident victims but also for patients who have suffered stroke or heart attack. In medical parlance the hour immediately after the onset of a stroke or heart attack is referred to as the “Golden Hour” as medical intervention during this time can turn out to be life saving. Speaking about the emergency cases in India, Dr Shivanand Gupta, HOD Emergency, Paras HMRI Hospital, Patnasaid, “Around 382 people die every day in India due to road accidents. Most of them lose their lives due to excessive bleeding, delay in reaching a hospital, and absence of well-equipped emergency units. Most victims of such cases can be saved if they reach a specialty medical care on time and are immediately catered to according to trauma care protocol. We here at Paras HMRI Hospital, Pa tna, have a clear timeline for action for our emergency team. We follow different protocols for major ailments like acute coronary syndromes (ACS), acute stroke, acute pain abdomen; sudden onset shortness of breath; trauma and so many other protocols are under the pipeline which we will be regulating soon.” Most of the doctors and nurses at Paras HMRI Hospital emergency unit are certified by ACLS and BLS. The hospital maintains the best ambulance services and adequate equipments in the ambulance to deal primarily with all kind of emergencies. Another highlight of the hospital’s emergency unit is the efficient functioning of its ambulance services. The hospital also has a dedicated triaging system for critical and non critical patients. “For ambulance to reach the victim or the patient, the turnaround time (TAT) is less than 10 minutes. Action time in emergency room for the emergency doctors for patients is less than 5 minutes (critical patients) and immediate for life saving patients.



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