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 On the completion of 28 years of no justice 1984-Sikh Genocide, Jathedar Manjit Singh G.K., President, Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal), Delhi State, Jathedar Avtar Singh Hit, National General Secretary, Jathedar Onkar Singh Thapar, National Vice President, Jathedar  Kuldip Singh Bhogal, Secretary General and National Organising Secretary, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, President Youth Wing, Harmit Singh Kalka, National Secretary General, Youth Akali Dal, Bhupinder Singh Anand, Harmanjit Singh and Gurminder Singh Matharu, today held a Press Conference,. They informed the Press  that about 4000 Sikhs were killed in Delhi as per the Reports of the Human Right Group.  The official figure of the persons killed in Delhi is 2733.  About 7000 persons have been killed all over India as per the reports of the Human Right Groups.  No official figure has been compiled for whole of India. About 2000 families lost  the earning member of the family and only ladies and children survived.   These children had gone through a trauma which affected them psychologically.  They could not study and do well in their life.  Now their next generation ( the 3rd generation of those who were killed ) are in Schools.  Most of them cannot afford to pay the fees of even average level schools.  Some of these families  were well to do before 1984, are now living a miserable life. As per official figure 2733 Sikhs were killed in Delhi, but till now only 10 murder cases have resulted in conviction.  In all other cases either the Police have closed the cases on their own or the Courts have acquitted the accused on account of faulty investigation. Delhi Police has been shielding the guilty of the November 1984 Carnage.  A charge sheet in a murder case against Sajjan Kumar went missing for 18 years.  The charge sheet was prepared and finally signed on 8th April 1992, but was never filed in the Court.  In spite of the clarification from the Court, Delhi Police has not filed this charge sheet till today. In another case, related to Delhi Cantt. Police Station, the case was transferred to CBI along with all relevant papers in October 2005, however 2 months after that Delhi Police filed a closure report in Court giving clean chit to Sajjan Kumar.  Delhi High Court  (Justice Vipin Sanghi) has passed strictures against Delhi Police and held that Delhi Police had no power to file the closure report as the investigation was already transferred to CBI.  Justice Sanghi directed the Police Commissioner to hold enquiry and take action against the guilty Police Officers within 6 months.  Though these directions were given on 5th July 2010 till today no action has been taken against guilty Police officials by Delhi Police.              The name of Tytler had appeared in the newspapers for the first time on the 6th of Nov ember, 1984 that his role in the killing of 4000 Sikhs in the capital of India New Delhi.  These 4000 Sikhs were massacred brutally between 1st November, 1984 to 3rd  November, 1984.  His name again appeared in the reports of Human Rights Group but due to his influence  as a sitting Member of Parliament and Union Minister he prevailed upon the law enforcing agencies not to register any case against him. Ultimately on the recommendations of the Nanavati Commission, criminal case had been registered against him.    At that time he was a Union Cabinet Minister.  He was forced to resign from the Cabinet since a case was registered against him.  However due to his political influence, the investigating agencies recommended closer of the criminal case to the court in the year 2007.  The court rejected the recommendations and directed further investigation of the case.  After further investigations, the investigating agencies again recommended to  the Court  to close the case.  The wife of the deceased who was killed in the 1984 genocide has appealed to the   court not to close this case and to direct further investigation as the investigating agency has not examined the eye-witnesses available in this case.  The said case is pending in the Court and the next date of hearing is 9th November 2012.           Jagdish Tytler is one of the 4 leaders whose  name has prominently figured in this genocide.  This is a crime  against humanity. Persons like Jagdish Tytler who has been involved in 1984-Sikh Massacre about whom the Prime Minister had stated while laying Action Taken Report in the Parliament that the persons involved in 1984-Sikh massacre shall not be  given any important posts in Government.  From the newspaper reports it has come to our notice that Jagdish Tytler, former Union Minister and senior Congress leader has been quizzed/grilled in Swiss case to verify if he had assisted arms dealer Abhishek Verma in his attempts to influence public servants to get a Switzerland based arms manufacturing firm off the government black list.  it is  shocking that Congress party  is hell bent on honouring time and again all those accused of anti Sikh riots/massacre  of 1984 in the country.   Firstly, Jagdish Tytler was given  ticket for the Lok Sabha elections and after the public outrage and demonstration by the Shiromani Akali Dal, he was pulled out of the race The Sikhs players will feel demoralized if such a person who masterminded the 1984-Sikh genocide is there as an office bearer of the Board. The person of this character accused of crime against humanity does not deserve to be an office bearer of the board of august Bodies like the International Olympic Association or even the Indian Olympic Association.  Keeping him as an Office Bearer on such prominent positions sends a wrong message as if these bodies endorse the genocide of 1984. In this connection we have addressed a letter on 18th October, 2012 to the Hon’ble President, International Olympic Committee, Route de Vidy 9, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland, through Raja Randhir Singh, Member, International Olympic Committee, stating that “Keeping in view the sentiments of the victims, the Sikh community and all the law abiding citizens,  such persons should not be given any prominent position in the world’s most august bodies.”   As no reply has been received by us we have again addressed a reminder to the Committee in the matter.  Copies of these two letters are attached herewith for perusal.   We demand punishment for the guilty for the people responsible for 1984 Sikh Genocide and that Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar be hanged unto death by the Chief Justice of India. In case the guilty are not punished we will launch a nationwide campaign soon against this injustice and ensure that all the Indians support to bring the victims the tears of joy.


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