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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

• Kanya Vidyadhan Yojana and Women power Helpline 1090 – a boon for women and girls – said Datiji Maharaj

Madhya Pradesh. Datiji Maharaj and Yogi SatyamINVC,

Allahabad, In the ongoing Mahakumbh at Allahabad, many public welfare policies of Uttar Pradesh government are highly appreciated. The Saints who have come to the Kumbh have appealed to other states to implement these policies in their states as well. According to them, every class of society is benefitted by these welfare policies implemented under the efficient leadership of the young Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav.Datiji Maharaj -the Mahant of Shanidham, a temple located at Chhatarpur in Delhi and Yogi Satyam -head of Kriya Yog Ashram and Research Center situated at Jhusi in Allahabad said that the state government’s policy Kanya Vidyadhan Yojana is proving to be a boon for girls belonging to the poor families who usually don’t complete their studies owing to financial problems. Many girls from poor families have been benefitted by this policy and are now pursuing higher education. Datiji Maharaj and Yogi Satyam said that the birth of a girl child in a poor family is considered to be a curse. This policy is supporting many poor parents who now hope that their daughter will get a good education and prove her worth. This has raised confidence among the girls.  The girls belonging to the poor families are looked down upon in the society. By the virtue of this policy, a positive change will definitely take place in the state. This policy is a good beginning. The girls from poor families will progress on receiving good education and thus, participate in the progress of the state and nation.Datiji Maharaj, who runs a nationwide campaign against female feticide, said that there will be a decline in the cases related to the female feticide because of Kanya Vidyadhan Yojana. Datiji Maharaj and Yogi Satyam also say that other states should also implement this policy in their state for the well-being and welfare of girls.On appreciating the women power helpline 1090 started by the Uttar Pradesh government, Datiji Maharaj and Yogi Satyam said that there has been a deep decline in the crime against females after the implementation of this helpline. The government of Madhya Pradesh has also started a similar helpline 1090 in Madhya Pradesh. Datiji Maharaj and Yogi Satyam also appealed to the state and central governments to start the similar women power helpline services.



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