​Vivek Atray releases Gurdip Hari’s book, “Go Back to Nature and Heal Yourself”


Noted motivational speaker and fiction writer and former bureaucrat, Vivek Atray, released the book “Go Back to Nature and Heal Yourself” by Gurdip Hari at a function organized by the Chandigarh Literary Society here today at the Golf Club.

Gurdip Hari is a successful Indian entrepreneur with business interests in Ghana, US and India, who, at the age of 62 years, is devoting his time to educate people about the importance of having good health.

“Greatest wealth is good health,” says Gurdip Hari. Human body is naturally endowed to heal itself provided we respect Nature and learn from the eternal self-healing process, he says.

The magical power of our existence needs to be taught right at the school level so that children get to know their body in a better way and train their mind to be successful in every field through magic of our mind.

“Everyone has super powers within oneself and through conscious living and practice one can attain power to maintain great health throughout your life,” he firmly believes.

The book, published by Bliss in Unity intends to connect the reader to one’s inner core and show the way to simple laws of Nature.

This is Gurdip Hari’s third book, having earlier published his two books, “Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health”, and “The Conscious, Unconscious and Super-Conscious Mind”.

Gurdip’s earlier two books have also been edited and abridged, which were also released at the function.

The books are available online and in local bookstores.


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